15 Top Cities of Bahamas - Best travel and holiday destinations

15 Top Cities of Bahamas - Best travel and holiday destinations

Updated 8 Apr, 2020
location_on The Bahamas

Sprinkled with more than 700 islands and 2000 rocks and cays, Bahamas is a serene touristic nation between the North Atlantic Ocean and the east coast of Florida.

From sailing around the quirky cays to partying in its many upscale resorts, snorkeling in the coral rich waters, swimming with wild pigs, soaking up the sun in the country's many sandy beaches or discovering its historic towns, Bahamas has a lot to offer to the tourists.

Bahamas has some of the world's best travel destinations and cities; read along to find the inspiration for your next trip.

Nassau - most developed city in Bahamas

lux room in a resort of Nassau, Bahamas
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Lying on the island of New Providence, Nassau is the capital city of Bahamas famous for its modest beaches and typical colorful colonial buildings.

Top things to do in Nassau –

  • Book a luxuriant stay with the Atlantis Bahamas having 9 pools, spa, golf, casino with the world's largest open air marine habitat.
  • Enjoy thrilling rides with your family in the expensive Aqua venture water park and watch its fantastic aquarium.
  • Take a dive with Stuart Cove where the water adventurers get the chance to dive with the wild sharks.
  • Go on a snorkeling adventure and spot the orange and white clownfish and schools of red snappers amidst the shallow reefs.
  • Climb up the 66 steps of the historic Queen’s Staircase and get to Fort Fincastle, New Providence’s highest point.
  • Visit the John Watling’s distillery where you can taste Watling’s, small batch, barrel aged rum.
  • Watch the swashbuckling, seductive history of the pirates along with exhibits in the Pirates of Nassau Museum.
  • Learn about the historic Bahamian art at the 19th century building of the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas.

Popular food to try in Nassau consists of Bahamian, Greek and Italian food along with Asian varieties.

Best time to visit Nassau is from December until May.

How to reach Nassau? Book a flight to Lynden Pindling International Airport to get access to the city.

Bay Street - top shopping destination in Bahamas

Straw market in Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas
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A premier shopping destination in the Caribbean, Bay street is the main street of Nassau in its heart that is crowded with thousands of shopaholics.

Top things to do in Bay Street –

  • Meander along the colonial buildings on both sides of the street reflecting the town's history as a British colony.
  • Get inside the Little Switzerland, the most famous shop here selling unique jewelry and great quality crystals.
  • Locate a number of pretty book stores dotted in the street, select any one of them and read the books.
  • Purchase cheap and rare perfumes, jewelry, bags and many types of island souvenirs in the street.
  • Progress to the old Straw market having contributed to the country’s slave history where you can buy baskets, woven handicrafts, carvings and necklaces.
  • Enjoy great dining in the many fancy restaurants, bars and café’s that are dotted in the street.
  • Stroll across the Arawak Cay famed for its Bahamian restaurants where you can try some zippy dishes.

Popular food to try in Bay Street includes conch, Bahamian seafood and island beer.

Best time to visit Bay Street is from December to May.

How to reach Bay Street? The city is easily reachable by taking a taxi from any part of Nassau.

Eleuthera - top road trip destination in Bahamas

cruise sailing in Eleuthera, Bahamas
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Eleuthera is a long narrow island in Bahamas known for the rocky cliffs on eastern side with pink sandy beaches housing isolated communities to impressive resorts.

Top things to do in Eleuthera –

  • Upscale yourself with a stay in the Island’s most alluring posh resorts.
  • Go on a road trip through this skinny island uncovering its ever changing landscapes of blue coastlines to shaggy bushes.
  • Get sun-kissed while sunbathing on the white sand shores of French Cove beach along the Atlantic coastline.
  • Stop at the Glass Window Bridge and see the blue Atlantic Ocean meeting the turquoise waters of Caribbean.
  • Spot Deep Creek, a secret bonefishing place where you can hear the earth and turn off the volume of the world.
  • Reach the Cape Eleuthera, a beautiful piece of land on the southern part of the island home of the island's best marina.
  • Take a coastal hike over the Lighthouse beach exploring its endless miles of unspoiled, soft powdery pink beaches.
  • Explore the ocean while doing snorkeling in the stunning turquoise waters of the ocean after your road trip.

Popular food to try in Eleuthera includes Bahamian lobster, pineapple, seafood, Bahamian food and American cuisine.

Best time to visit Eleuthera is from December until mid April.

How to reach Eleuthera ? Book a flight to North Eleuthera Airport in order to get access to the island.

Paradise Island - top nightlife destination in Bahamas

a seashell in beach of Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Paradise Island is a tiny off the shore island from the Nassau city connected by two bridges famed for its many lavish resorts and white sandy beaches.

Top things to do in Paradise Island –

  • Enjoy a buzzing nightlife with many bars and lounges and two of the largest casinos in the Caribbean.
  • Do parasailing and snorkeling in the clean blue waters noticing the vibrant ocean life and coral reefs.
  • Night out with friends in nightclubs and bars like Aura Nightclub, Sea Glass Lounge, Moon Bar, Dragons Ultra Lounge and more.
  • Groove into the sounds of live DJ, dance the night away and drink a fine glass of wine and bubbly beverages.
  • Relax while soaking up the sun in the pretty white powdery sands of Cabbage beach and dine in its beachside restaurants.
  • Marvel the world class design of Atlantis Casino having over 700 slots and 85 tables with incredible glass sculptures.
  • Enjoy the many world class amenities of the many luxurious resorts and hotels flanked over the Island.

Best time to visit Paradise Island is during the months of January, February and March.

How to reach Paradise Island? Take a car or bus from the city of Nassau to access the island.

Cove Eleuthera - top romantic resort in Bahamas

blue ocean in Cove Eleuthera, Bahamas
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Nestled on the island of Eleuthera between two white coves, Cove Eleuthera is a wonderful loving resort that must be visited for a romantic Caribbean experience.

Top things to do in Cove Eleuthera –

  • Have dinner with your partner in the Cliffside bars while adoring the snappy views of the tranquil ocean.
  • Bask under the Bahamian sun on two private powder beaches of the resort
  • Do swimming in its vast impressive hilltop infinity swimming pool, offering jaw dropping views of the ocean.
  • Go on a bike ride to the town of Gregory and acquaint yourself with the rich local treasures.
  • Traverse over the azure waters of Caribbean on a boat, do fishing and relish evenings on a sunset cruise.
  • Get a chance to swim with the local pigs, a famous activity in Bahamas or snorkel in the cool waters.
  • Enjoy a romantic horseback riding experience along the pink sand beaches of the Harbor island.
  • Indulge yourself in a calming Bahamian spa treatment featuring exclusive organic ingredients.

Popular food to try in Cove Eleuthera includes sushi, wines, cocktails, beef, pork, salads and locally sourced seafood.

Best time to visit Cove Eleuthera is during October, November, March or April.

How to reach Cove Eleuthera? Take a taxi or car from the North Eleuthera Airport to access the resort.

Long Island - top beach destination in Bahamas

Church in Long Island, Bahamas
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Featuring dramatic cliffs over its eastern shore, Long Island is a stunning island of Bahamas known for its quaint white and pink beaches offering some lucrative beach activities to explore.

Top things to do in Long Island –

  • Roam along the secluded calm endless white beaches of the island with no restaurants or shops around.
  • Do diving world’s second deepest Dean’s Blue Hole covered by rocky cliffs on three sides and a turquoise lagoon and beach on the other.
  • Uncover the amazing Hamilton’s Cave, one of largest caves in the Bahamas with wide passageways about 50 feet wide.
  • Wonder at the contrasting coastlines of Long Island because of the Tropic of Cancer being passing from the island.
  • Come across the striking white twin tower churches of St. Peter and Paul Church in Clarence Town.
  • Go on a boat tour around the island or do cycling over the island to discover its many natural features.
  • Improve your fishing skills with a bonefishing adventure or do scuba diving in the emerald waters.
  • Reach the Columbus point at Columbus Cove where Columbus is said to have made his stop.

Popular food to try in Long Island consists of conch salad, lobster, steak, meat dish, bush tea and other Bahamian specialties.

Best time to visit Long Island is from October until April.

How to reach Long Island? Book a flight to Deadman’s Cay Airport from Nassau to access the island.

Bimini - deep sea fishing capital of world

fishing in Bimini, Bahamas
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Located just 50 km away from the coast of Florida in the United States, Bimini is the westernmost town in the Bahamas known for luxuriant resorts and water activities.

Top things to do in Bimini –

  • Do deep sea fishing around the fairly quintessential clean blue waters of the island.
  • Spot a number of shipwrecks dotted around the island including SS Sapona shipwreck aground during hurricane in 1926.
  • Enjoy the great local nightlife at the outnumbering restaurants and bars with the Americans who come here to fish.
  • Get adventurous with activities including bonefishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and boating on its Caribbean waters.on
  • Visit the Dolphin House Museum showing many quirky and artistic structures from the recycled materials .
  • Get an extraordinary chance of swimming with the shy hammerhead sharks assembling at the coast of Bimini during February.
  • Rent a golf cart from the Sue and Joy's Shopping Centre and can enjoy alcoholic beverages.

Best time to visit Bimini is from February until June.

How to reach Bimini? Book a flight to South Bimini Airport from Nassau to get access to the city.

Cat Island - top solo travel destination in Bahamas

sandy beach in Cat Island , Bahamas
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Occupying the highest point of the nation, Cat Island is a beautiful cozy island in Central Bahamas known for the breathtaking pristine atmosphere.

Top things to do in Cat Island –

  • Stay in a remote rustic village and relax underneath the thatched roof on the fine sandy beaches.
  • Adore world class water activities including swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling and fishing along its pink beaches.
  • Climb up the Mount Alvernia at 206 feet where you find a miniature monastery built by Jerome Hawes.
  • Maunder over the suspicious cotton plantation ruins over the island and locate the historic slave hut remains.
  • Dive along with the sharks, stingrays and dolphins exploring undersea walls, caves, holes and coral reefs.
  • Take a bike ride through the 48 miles long island, do picnicking in its untouched beaches with a laid back environment.
  • Attend the annual Rake n Scrape music festival celebrating the island's vibrant musical heritage.

Popular food to try in Cat Island comprises conch salad, pineapple pastries, chicken wings, fried plantains, seafood and local fruits and vegetables.

Best time to visit Cat Island is from November until May.

How to reach Cat Island? Book a flight to New Bight Airport from Nassau to access the island.

Abacos - top place to explore locals in Bahamas

lighthouse in Hope Town, Abacos, Bahamas
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Abacos is a group of small islands and scenic cays in the northern Bahamas known for its extensive dive sites, coral reefs and underwater caves.

Top things to do in Abacos –

  • Walk on the completely isolated white sand beach of Tahiti, relax under the surrounding coconut trees.
  • Take a boat on rent and hop around the charmingly cool islands of Abacos getting familiar with island’s life.
  • Enjoy a worthy expensive stay with your family in the many luxurious resorts of the Guana Cay.
  • Get local while participating in the island's traditional sports of conching, lobster fishing and spearfishing.
  • Cherish a lovely day out in the elegant town of Hope Town home to the island's best restaurants, bars and shops.
  • Do snorkeling in the coral reef rich waters and diving in underwater caves of Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park.
  • Find out turtles, eagle rays and many shark species in the Walker’s Cay National Park.

Popular food to try in Abacos includes rice, peas, distinctive Bahamian dishes along with American and international flavors.

Best time to visit Abacos is between the period of November and March.

How to reach Abacos? Book a flight to Leonard M Thompson International Airport to get access to the island.

Sunrise Beach Club - top family travel resort in Bahamas

boating with Sunrise Beach Club, Bahamas
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Offering an on site bar and grill, Sunrise Beach Club is a mid range resort with five bedroom sets with kitchen in the funky Paradise Island.

Top things to do in Sunrise Beach Club –

  • Do swimming with your kids in its outdoor swimming pools also having a kid’s area and waterfall.
  • Shop in the nearby malls of Atlantis Club, Paradise Shopping Plaza or Hurricane Hotel Plaza.
  • Spend time with the family in sun terraces or relax on the pretty warm soft white sands in its beaches.
  • Cruise over the whole island discovering many other resorts, beaches and lagoons in the banana boats or jet skis.
  • Get sporty with water activities including parasailing, snorkeling, deep sea diving, shark diving and swimming.
  • Book the tour of landmarks with resort to give your kids a history tour in an interesting and easy manner.
  • Have lunch in the up end restaurants and bars and plan a perfect wedding or birthday party in the resort.

Best time to visit Sunrise Beach Club is between December and March.

How to reach Sunrise Beach Club? The resort is a quite short distance from Nassau, take a taxi or car to reach the resort.

Freeport - top backpacking destination in Bahamas

straw market of Freeport, Bahamas
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Located on the island of Grand Bahama, Freeport is the second largest city of the Bahamas that is well known for its beaches, resorts and shopping.

Top things to do in Freeport –

  • Meander over the Garden of the Groves and notice a wide range of flora and fauna and do shopping in its international bazaar.
  • Sample some local beer in the local Bahamian brewery and come across the town's famous perfume factory.
  • Cruise on a glass bottom boat and experience the beautiful coral reefs, aquatic animals and shipwrecks.
  • Get an awesome experience of swimming with the majestic dolphins in their natural lagoon habitat.
  • Do paddling or kayaking through the mangrove forests of the Freeport National Park spotting native plants and animals.
  • Soak up the brilliant tropical sun while relaxing in the miles of the peaceful white sandy beaches.
  • Take a bicycle ride across the island acquainting yourself with sights and sounds of Freeport.
  • Sail along the coastline of the island on a catamaran cruise while listening to the rocky island music.

Popular food to try in Freeport comprises conch salad, local fruits and vegetables, seafood and many international dishes.

Best time to visit Freeport is from September until May.

How to reach Freeport? Book a flight to Grand Bahama Airport for getting access to the city.

Blue Lagoon Island - most popular destination in Bahamas

dolphins in Blue Lagoon Island, Bahamas
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Blue Lagoon Island is Bahamas’s most renowned place having the country's most beautiful beaches and known for salt production, also called ‘Salt Cay’.

Best time to visit Blue Lagoon Island –

  • Do sunbathing underneath the coconut palm trees while gazing at the glistening sea.
  • Forget the world, do nothing while watching the coconut palm sway as you lounge on a double hammock.
  • Get encountered with the sea lions and dolphins in their natural environment on this private island getaway (island’s most popular activity).
  • Swim in the clear emerald waters of a hidden lagoon inside the island.
  • Snorkel off the beaching and numerous species of Caribbean dishes between the rich coral reefs.
  • Walk through the lush green vegetation of the private island and find out birds nesting in the trees.
  • Kayak or paddle on the water and enjoy water rides on the Aqua Park.

Best time to visit Blue Lagoon Island is from December until mid April.

How to reach Blue Lagoon Island? Take a ferry from the city of Nassau to access the island.

Rum Cay - top adventure destination in Bahamas

beautiful waters of Rum Cay, Bahamas
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Known as Sleeping Beauty, Rum Cay is an unorthodox Bahamian island. With only 60 full time inhabitants, this secret gem is known for its miles of quaint beaches and coral reefs.

Top things to do in Rum Cay –

  • Do exhilarating surfing and windsurfing in the breezing waters of the Salt Pond in the north coast.
  • Relive the old culture of Bahamas while spearfishing or fishing of lobsters, groupers and fishes on its blue ecosystem.
  • Adventure to the Conception Island National Park and unearth its impressive rookery system of migratory seabirds.
  • Go on a snorkeling trip over the island and explore its 60 feet deep extensive network of coral walls.
  • Dive along with the sea turtles, stingrays, wahoo, marlins and sharks and discover the wreck of 101 gun warship HMS conqueror.
  • Roam across the island on a power boat or a jet ski and take a bicycle to discover the hidden island’s wonders.
  • Party on the beach, sip a brew, interact with the locals while listening to the hippy Golden Oldies music.

Best time to visit Rum Cay is from mid December to mid April.

How to reach Rum Cay? Book a flight to Port Nelson Airport or take a ferry from Nassau to access the island.

Exuma - most beautiful destination in Bahamas

low tide in Exuma, Bahamas
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Known for one of its kind anchorages, clearest waters and its outstanding natural beauty, Exuma is a group of more than 365 small islands.

Top things to do in Exuma –

  • Eat luscious local food in the Fish Fry made up of dozens of food vendors in the marina of George Town.
  • Hop the various islands on a power boat and make your way to the inhabited islands home to endangered rock iguanas.
  • Stop at the notable pig island of Exuma and do swimming with the cute pigs in the transparent turquoise waters.
  • Dive in the Angelfish Blue Hole along the Stocking Island and spot the eagle rays, turtles and lobsters.
  • Make your body more flexible and better with booking a private yoga session at Exuma Massage and Yoga.
  • Hunt shells on Coco Palm, relax on the extremely beautiful Tropic of Cancer or walk over the rocky offshore of Three Sisters beach.
  • Get healed with a 90 minute Raindrop Dreams Massage, a 7 oil full body massage offered by Red Lane Spa.

Popular food to try in Exuma comprises plantains, BBQ chicken, snapper, fries, peas, rice, lobster and seafood.

Best time to visit Exuma is from November till March.

How to reach Exuma? Book a flight to Exuma International Airport to reach the island.

Inagua National Park - top place to explore wildlife in Bahamas

Iguanas in Inagua National Park, Bahamas
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On the southernmost island of Inagua, Inagua National Park is a bird watchers paradise known as home to the world's largest colony of West Indian flamingos.

Top things to do in Inagua National Park –

  • Detect over 140 species of migratory, resident and endemic birds including Bahamian parrot, West Indian whistling duck, local heron species and more.
  • Explore the miles of amazing untouched beaches while sailing on a boat around the Igalua Island.
  • Observe green and hawksbill turtles laying their eggs on the unique enclosed tidal creek reserves of the park.
  • Spot more than 80000 flamingos in the wetlands that makes it the largest nesting ground for flamingos in western hemisphere.
  • Go diving in its visible clean waters and view breathtaking coral formations and treasure laden ships.
  • Tour the island and see 1800 buildings, a famous lighthouse, Bartholomew Church and ruins of old homes.
  • Unearth the marine life with a snorkeling journey or do kayaking through the shaggy coastline.

Popular food to try in Inagua National Park includes boiled fish, conch salad, cracked conch, fritters and steamed lobster.

Best time to visit Inagua National Park is from December until May.

How to reach Inagua National Park? The park is easily accessible by booking a flight to Inagua International Airport.