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Tripspell curates the best cities and destinations across the world and suited for every flavour of vacation. Plan your Trip.

Tripspell : Where travel meets magic

Tripspell gives you the power to plan your magical trips. Discover your next travel destination based on your own style and interests. Tripspell aims to be your one-stop solution for travel planning. Explore carefully curated list of cities, experiences, and travel stories across the world. You can create your personalised trips by adding these to your trip, and planning it together with your friends and families.

Can I find the best kind of holiday for me on Tripspell?

Every person has their own travel style, interests and preferences. Everyone has to eventually figure out their own unique style and create their magical trip. Tripspell gives you all the tools to create this magic. Your trip can be solo or you might be traveling with your partner, family, or friends. The flavour of your vacation could be romantic, backpacking, adventurous, laid-back. On your trip, you might want to experience mountains, beaches, local food, history, culture, or spirituality. Tripspell has all the information to help you plan your trip as per your date of travel, trip duration, holiday budget, season and crowd preferences. We give you the power to figure out what is best for you.

How can I plan a trip around my holiday using Tripspell?

A great trip planning is essential to having an amazing time during your holiday and vacation. Trip planning includes various forms of decision making around the following:-
  1. Date of your trip
  2. Who are you travelling with - solo, partner, family, friends
  3. Budget of your vacation - affordable or luxury holiday
  4. Bucket list of countries and cities for your travel destinations based on your Interests - mountains, beaches, relaxing, romantic, and Occasion - eurotrip, honeymoon, family vacation, bachelor’s party, business trip
  5. Final travel destinations based on factors like weather, flight prices, hotel prices, visa requirements for visiting country etc.
  6. Experiences - castles, skiing, snorkeling, museums, yoga, wildlife safari and Food - local cuisine, street food, restaurants, exotic fruits you want to explore on your trip
  7. Itinerary for your trip, as you and your co-travellers keep adding more travel ideas to it
  8. Organize all necessary information related to your travel so that you can access it at ease before, during and after your trip.

All this trip planning has to be done, while keeping your fellow travellers in the loop.

Tripspell gives you the tools to discover best destinations, experiences, travel stories and the power to create your magical trip. You can invite your friends, family and fellow travellers to collaboratively plan a trip in real-time. We will keep adding more tools to make your travel planning fun and easy.

Who are the creators of Tripspell?

We are nerdy and dreamy travellers building a travel product, which we can love. We aim to remove the noise around trip planning and make it fun, so that we can have an amazing time traveling around the world. Hopefully, in the process we will create tools and community, which will make travel meet magic for millions of people around the world, and together we can create Tripspell we dream of.

How can you help Tripspell in making travel meet magic?

You can Login on the Tripspell website, try the product and share feedback, report bugs and suggest features by writing us an email to [email protected]
You can also spread the word by sharing Tripspell with your friends, family and network.