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Crete is an ideal destination for all kinds of sports and outdoor activities. One of the most popular trekking destination, Crete offers unparalleled beauty of gorge and palaces here.
Experiences Spells
Experiences Spells
Chania could be your next summer destination. Its beaches and landscape offers much needed retreat. In Chania you can relax by the beach or explore the nearby lakes and villages while admiring the nature's beauty.
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Rethymnon is city in the north coast of Crete. It is home to venetian buildings, fountains, beaches, citadels, historical museums and ample recreational activities such as fishing.
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Gournia Minoan Site
Gournia is a small archaeological town situated on a hilltop overviewing sea, famous for its winding cobbled stone streets and hundreds of small houses. Gournia is popular as one of the best-preserved prehistoric settlements in Greece
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Heraklion in Crete is marked with venetian harbor, historical and archaeological museums. Its climate and landscape makes it a perfect holiday destination.
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Arkadi Monastery
History of Arkadi Monastery is filled with blood. This place has been a place of bombing and massacres, traces of which could still be seen in its ruins. A must visit for history lovers.
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Agios Nikolaos
Agios Nikolaos is surrounded by water from three sides, travelers can find different kind of waterfronts here: lake, beach, Port and Marina. This town also offers party life and many shopping options to its visitors.
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Gortyna Archaeological Site
Gortyna, also known as Gortys, is the most extensive archaeological sites in Greece and the most important city in Crete with the history of 6000 years. Old churches, inscriptions, statues, cisterns and others give a glimpse into the early habitation of Crete.
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Samaria Gorge
Samaria Gorge lies between the White Mountains and Mt. VolakiasSamaria Gorge offers 18 KM hiking trail with stunning views on the way. The trail ends at a beautiful National Park .
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Knossos is Europe's oldest city and a major attraction in Crete, host millions of tourists a year. Old Palace, throne rooms, frescoes, paintings and many artifacts are the major attraction here.
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Malia Palace
Malia Palace is a third most significant Minoan Palace after Knossos and Phaistos. Walk around the archaeological excavations of the Palace, the majestic size will fascinate you.
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