15 Top Cities of Brazil - Best travel and holiday destinations

15 Top Cities of Brazil - Best travel and holiday destinations

Updated 8 Apr, 2020
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Brazil is the largest country in South America that is home to some of the great destinations to travel. From the large developed cities to the world’s largest rainforest, Amazon and the Amazon river to its famous carnivals and sports, the country offers great travel goals to the visitors.

Brazil has some of the world's best travel destinations and cities; read along to find the inspiration for your next trip.

Brasilia - most developed city in Brazil

JK Memorial in Brasilia, Brazil
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Brasilia is a large city in Brazil located in the Federal district. Brasilia has been the capital of Brazil since 1960.

Top things to do in Brasilia –

  • Discover the unique white and green architecture of this planned city.
  • Get surprised at the extraordinary design of the Cathedral of Brasilia, Brasilia TV Tower.
  • Go to the JK Memorial, a museum about the former president.
  • Progress to Three Powers Plaza, a white stone plaza with executive offices.
  • Adore souvenir shopping in Pier 21 shopping mall.
  • Enjoy diving in Paranoa Lake, a manmade lake in the city with the amazing Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge.

Popular food to try in Brasilia comprises of Brazilian, Mexican and French food.

Best time to visit Brasilia is from the months of May to September.

How to reach Brasilia – the city can be reached easily by booking a flight to the Brasilia International Airport located in the city.

Salvador - best historical town in Brazil

coastline during evening in Salvador, Brazil
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Salvador is a city in Brazil which is the capital of Bahia state in northeastern Brazil.

Top things to do in Salvador –

  • Get familiar with the famous Afro – Brazilian culture of Salvador.
  • Amaze at the Portugal colonial architecture and the tropical coastline.
  • Get a panoramic view of the sea from the Barra Lighthouse.
  • Shop art and crafts at sprawling Mercado Modelo.
  • Visit the Igreja E Convento De São Francisco, the famous 18th century catholic church.
  • Take the Elevador Lacerda, an iconic elevator giving a nice view of the sea.

Popular food to try in Salvador consists of Acaraje, Churrasco, banana, shrimp Moqueca, Tapioca, Vatapá and Cocadas.

Best time and visit Salvador is from July to September

How to reach Salvador – the city has its international airport. You can book a flight to the Salvador International Airport.

São Paulo - cultural capital of Brazil

Municipal Theatre of São Paulo, Brazil
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Sao Paulo is a large city in Brazil known as the financial center of Brazil and the most populous city in South America.

Top things to do in Sao Paulo –

  • Travel over numerous cultural institutions and architectural buildings.
  • Feel the majesty of the grand Sao Paulo Cathedral.
  • Cover the famous Ibirapuera Park where you can relax, walk and view the huge skyscrapers around.
  • See the large collection of renowned arts at the Museum of Arts of Sao Paulo Assis.
  • Come across the iconic and historic Municipal Theatre of São Paulo.
  • The city also has great markets to shop art, food and souvenirs.

Popular food to try in São Paulo consists of Bacalhau, Coxinha, Churrascarias, Mortadella sandwich, Pão De Queijo, Cassava chips, Caipirinha, Cocada.

Best time to visit Sao Paulo is March, April, May, October and November

How to reach Sao Paulo – this largest city of Brazil has two international airports to serve the visitors.

Porto Seguro - best nightlife destination in Brazil

view from resort in Puerto Seguro, Brazil
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Porto Seguro is a coastal town located in the state of Bahia in Brazil.

Top things to do in Porto Seguro –

  • Indulge in city’s vibrant nightlife and long beaches
  • Be the part of carnival held every year in the city where costumed performers and samba musicians perform in the streets.
  • Stroll along pretty beaches like Taperapuan Beach, Parracho Beach, Mundai Beach, Pitinga Beach, Toa Toa Beach and fisherman’s Beach.
  • Night out with friends in many bars and theatre lined with beaches.
  • Find coral reefs, sea animals at Recife De Fora Sea Park.

Popular food to try in Puerto Seguro includes traditional as well as international cuisine.

Best time to visit Puerto Seguro is the months of August, September, January and February

How to reach Puerto Seguro? you can book a flight to the Porto Berugo International Airport to get access to the city.

Boituva - best adventure destination in Brazil

Skydiving in Boituva, Brazil
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Boituva is a small city in Brazil with an area of just 278.97 km² located in the state of Sao Paulo.

Top things to do in Boituva –

  • Get an adrenaline rush with skydive in this National Skydive Capital.
  • Feel relaxed in the natural peace in Egidio Labronici City Park.
  • Find a lake along with many birds and animals in Parque Ecologico Eugenio Walter.
  • Discover the region with a hot air balloon with the National Center Ballooning giving that opportunity.

Best time to visit Boituva is from the mid April to late September.

How to reach Boituva – the nearest airport from the city is Viracopos International Airport. You may also take a bus or taxi from Sao Paulo to reach here.

Bonito - top nature’s lover destination in Brazil

clear waters of Bonito, Brazil
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Bonito is a small town in Southern Brazil located in the Mato Grosso Do Gul state of Brazil.

Top things to do in Bonito –

  • Cherish the crystal clear water rivers and lakes of Bonito.
  • Witness the Buraco Das Aranas, an unusual crater and a bird watching site.
  • Locate the beautiful waterfall of Estancia Mimosa Ecoturismo.
  • Go for exploring the Abismo Anhumas, a famous cave like structure in town along with Grutas De Sao Miguel cave.
  • Complete the journey at Gruta Do Lago Azul, a lake and cave with calcareous formations.

Popular food to try in Bonito consists of cold beer, local drinks, fish and Cayman.

Best time to visit Bonito is from December to March during the rainy season.

How to reach Bonito– the most common way is to book a flight with Campo Grande International Airport in the capital of Mato Grosso Do Gul state and taking a bus, van or car from there.

Rio De Janeiro - most popular destination in Brazil

Panoramic view of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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Rio De Janeiro is one of the largest cities in Brazil located in the southeastern part of the country.

Top things to do in Rio De Janeiro –

  • Meander the beautiful beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.
  • Witness and take photographs along Christ The Redeemer, a world famous landmark.
  • Get a mesmerizing view of the city through a cable car.
  • Walk along Escaradia Selaron.
  • Live the annual Rio Carnival, a famous major event to see many street events and performances too.
  • Go for adventurous activities in the landscape around.

Popular food to try in Rio De Janeiro includes Acai, Feijoada, Popcorn, Tapioca, fried sardines, Pastel and chicken hearts.

Best time to visit Rio De Janeiro is from December to March and visit with carnival held In February.

How to reach Rio De Janeiro – you can book flights with many airports here like Galeao International Airport, Jacarepagua Airport and a few others.

Paraty - most beautiful town in Brazil

Paraty is a small town in Brazil located between Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro on Costa Verde.

Top things to do in Paraty –

  • Walk on the cobbled streets of this coastal town.
  • Capture the picturesque old homes of the 17th and 18th century backed by the mountains.
  • Soak up the sun on beaches like Jabaquara’s beach, Praia Do Sono and Praia Do Pontal.
  • Travel to the old Cathedral of Our Lady of Remedies giving a perfect look to the town.
  • Try boating, camping and hiking in its natural areas.

Popular food to try in Paraty comprises of Brazilian, South American, American cuisine along with seafood.

Best time to visit Paraty are the months of January, February, June, July and August

How to reach – the town can be reached easily by taking a bus or van from Rio De Janeiro or any other major city.

Trancoso - best beach destination in Brazil

sandy beach in Trancoso, Brazil
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Trancoso is a small district in Brazil located at the state of Bahia in the municipality of Porto Seguro in Brazil.

Top things to do in Trancoso –

  • Get sun-kissed in vast sandy beaches like the Parrachos beach, Nativos beach, Praia Do Rio Verde and Praia Trancoso.
  • Convene yourself in cool resorts, restaurants and hotels.
  • Move to the Church Square home to the beautiful white catholic church.
  • Relax at the Taipe, a large beach backed by a huge cliff.

Popular food to try in Trancoso is a mix of Brazilian, South American, Asian cuisine along with seafood and vegan food.

Best time to visit Trancoso is during the months of December, January and February.

How to reach Trancoso– you may book a bus from any major cities of Brazil. The nearest airport from the city is Porto Seguro Airport.

Chapada Diamantina - best family travel destination in Brazil

unusual natural formations in Chapada Diamantina,  Brazil
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Located within the Brazilian state of Bahia, Chapada Diamantina is a mountain range in the northeast of Brazil.

Top things to do in Chapada Diamantina –

  • Explore the extraordinary landscape of the region with your kids.
  • Notice many unusual formations like Morro Do Pai Inacio, Cachoeira Da Fumaça and Vale Do Pati.
  • Locate scenic waterfalls like Mixila Waterfall and Sossego Waterfall.
  • Enjoy trekking with your family and go for rock climbing .

Best time to visit Chapada Diamantina is from August to October

How to reach Chapada Diamantina– the nearest city from the park is Lencois. You can book a ticket to Lencois Airport and reach the park with a bus from there.

Recife - best solo travel destination in Brazil

colorful street in Recife, Brazil
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Recife is a city in Brazil located at and the capital of the northeastern state of Pernambuco.

Top things to do in Recife –

  • Get lost amidst many rivers, islets, bridges and peninsulas
  • Visit the 16th century Praca Rio Branco.
  • Travel over the Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue.
  • Take a round of Marco Zero Square to take a glimpse of important landmarks of Recife.
  • Officina Ceramica Francisco Brennand is a famous place to view great plastic works.
  • Hop beaches like Boa Viagem, Praia Do Pina, Praia De Piedade and Rina beach.
  • Get a city break and adore the greenery of Jacquira Park.

Best time to visit Recife is from September to February months.

How to reach Recife – the city can be accessed easily by booking a flight to the Recife International Airport.

Belo Horizonte - food capital of Brazil

cozy street in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
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Belo Horizonte is a city in Brazil which is the capital of Mina Graines State located in the southeastern part of the country.

Top things to do in Belo Horizonte –

  • Get delighted with the popular rustic and slow cooked food of the city.
  • Relish many restaurants and intriguing markets offering its regional cuisine.
  • Visit the restaurants like Indian Gourmet, Restaurante Glouton, Restaurante Caravela, Vecchio Sogno, Taste Vin and Namaste.
  • Must visit the Mineirão Stadium, the most famous landmark here.

Popular food to try in Belo Horizonte includes Brazilian, Italian, South American delights with wine, beer and cocktails.

Best time to visit Belo Horizonte is from April to September.

How to reach Belo Horizonte– you can book a flight with an airport here. The city is home to many airports with Belo Horizonte Airport as the major airport.

Amazon rainforest - best place to find wildlife in Brazil

monkeys in Amazon rainforest, Brazil
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A journey to Brazil is incomplete without visiting the Amazon rainforest. Covering Brazil, Colombia, Peru and other South American countries, the Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest rainforest and also home to the world's largest river.

Top things to do in Amazon rainforest –

  • Fall in love with the lush greenery of the forest.
  • See some rarest animals, birds and insect species.
  • Get an out of the world experience with boating on the Amazon river.
  • Get relieved and feel a new you in its most fresh and moist air.

With its biodiversity, the Amazon rainforest is famous as a wildlife destination not only in Brazil but also in the entire world.

Best time to visit Amazon rainforest are the months of July and August. Although, it can be visited any months of the year.

How to reach the Amazon rainforest – you can book a flight to Manaus in northern Brazil which is the closest city to get access to the great rainforests.

Iguazu Falls - top offbeat destination in Brazil

panoramic view of Iguazu Falls, Brazil
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Iguazu National Park is a natural park along the river Iguazu on the borders of Brazil and Argentina.

Top things to do in Iguazu Falls –

  • Marvel Iguazu Falls, a magnificent spectacle of more than 257 individual waterfalls.
  • Move to Devil’s throat and Garganta station to get a spectacular view of the waterfall.
  • Adore the Macuco Safari and explore the Iguazu river.
  • Jump to Parque Des Aves to find some rarest species on earth like tapir, Ocelot, jaguar, tirica, harpy eagle and anteater.

With 2700m depth and 82m height and its panoramic spread, Iguazu Falls is the best waterfall destination in South America.

Best time to visit Iguazu Falls are the months from July to October and from February to April

How to reach Iguazu Falls– the destination can be reached easily by taking a bus from the Foz Do Iguacu city.

Vitória - top affordable city in Brazil

panoramic view of Vitoria, Brazil
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Vitoria is the capital city of Espirato Santo state of Brazil located at its southeast side. This small and cozy city is famous for its beaches and culture that can be visited in a limited budget.

Top things to do in Vitoria –

  • Climb to the Morro Do Moreno hill giving a great view of the whole city.
  • Step to the Penha Convent, a massive convent on a hilltop.
  • Tour local landmarks like Palacio Anchieta, Casa Da Memória De Vila Velha and Vile Museum.
  • Visit the catholic church of Shrine Basilica of St. Anthony .
  • Adore dining and lodging in Camburi beach.

Best time to visit Vitória is from May till September.

How to reach Vitória– the nearest airport from the city is Eurico De Aguiar Salles Airport which is just 14 km away from the city center.