15 Top Cities of Brunei - Best travel and holiday destinations

15 Top Cities of Brunei - Best travel and holiday destinations

Updated 8 Apr, 2020
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Brunei is a micro country on the island of Borneo situated amidst the country of Malaysia and South China Sea.

This independent Islamic sultanate is well known for various beaches and the dense rainforests of Borneo island.

Brunei has some of the world's best travel destinations and cities; read along to find the inspiration for your next trip.

Bandar Seri Begawan - most developed city in Brunei

Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
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The capital and largest city of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan is a vibrant cultural place known for its golden domed mosques along the lagoon.

Top things to do in Bandar Seri Begawan –

  • Fall in love with the architecture of Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque with golden domes and marbled minarets.
  • Head to Jame' Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque, the second prominent landmark in Bandar Seri Begawan.
  • Visit Istana Amal, the royal residence of the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Balkiah situated on the bank of Brunei river.
  • Taste the authentic cheap yet delicious street food in Gadong Night Market.
  • Shop handicrafts, art pieces, vegetables, snacks and food in the zippy Kianggeh Market of the town.
  • Learn about the royal life in Royal Regalia Museum while watching the chariots and many ceremonial costumes.

Popular food to try in Bandar Seri Begawan consists of Ambuyat, Nasi Katok, Kelupis, Pulut Panggang and many Bruneian dishes.

Best time to visit Bandar Ali Begawan is from early January to mid May.

How to reach Bandar Ali Begawan? Book a flight to Brunei International Airport to get access to the city.

Jerudong - the park city of Brunei

Jerudong beach in Jerudong, Brunei
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Jerudong is a coastal urban settlement in Brunei famous for its amusement park which is the largest amusement park in southeast Asia.

Top things to do in Jerudong –

  • Enjoy a large number of thrilling rides in Jerudong Park featuring playgrounds, gardens and a free amusement park.
  • Cool down yourself while enjoying the watery rides in the water park section of the Jerudong Park.
  • Travel over Al Ameerah Al Hajjah Maryam Mosque being one of most important mosques in Jerudong.
  • Locate the Jerudong Park Musical Fountain, a recreational area to see a traditional folk life with a beautiful monument.
  • Walk along the white sandy beaches of Jerudong and relish the beautiful sunset views from here.
  • Go for shopping and dining in the beachside shops and restaurants in the vicinity.

Best time to visit Jerudong is during the months of March, April and May.

How to reach Jerudong? Take a taxi or bus from the city of Bandar Seri Begawan to reach the town .

Gadong - top shopping destination in Brunei

night market of Gadong, Brunei
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Gadong is the commercial center of Brunei that is famous for its shopping and dining opportunities all across the country.

Top things to do in Gadong –

  • Visit Pasar Gadong, a bustling night market in town where you can shop handicrafts from the street vendors.
  • Head to the Mall, a large upscale shopping complex with many retail stores to shop for merchandises.
  • Get treated with the melodious Bruneian food in the various restaurants and cafes dotted in the town.
  • Roam across the many traditional streets of the district where you can see the famous mosques of Brunei.
  • Take a boat ride in the river to get a different perspective of the whole city.

Popular food to try in Gadong consists of satay, chicken wings, barbecued fish and many Bruneian delicacies.

Best time to visit Gadong is from January till May during night time.

How to reach Gadong? Take a taxi or car from the city of Bandar Seri Begawan to reach the district.

Kampong Ayer - floating village of Brunei

Village of Kampong Ayer, Brunei
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Kampong Ayer is a historic settlement near the city of Bandar Seri Begawan that literally means the water village.

Top things to do in Kampong Ayer –

  • Meander through the narrow streets and look at thousands of tiny houses with schools, restaurants and police station built on the stilts.
  • Take some adorable photographs of the stilted houses with sun faded exterior next to the mosques.
  • Take a speedboat ride here in order to explore the village.
  • Get familiar with the locals and see the villagers fishing through the verandah of their house.
  • Learn about the history of the village that was originally referred to as the Venice of the East.

Kampong Ayer is also the largest floating village in the world.

Best time to visit Kampong Ayer is during the months of January, February and March.

How to reach Kampong Ayer? Take a water taxi from the city of Bandar Seri Begawan to reach the village.

Luagan Lalak - best sunrise in Brunei

view from a boat in Luagan Lalak, Brunei
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Luagan Lalak is a large lake in Brunei part of a forest reserve that is the best place in Brunei to experience the tropical sunrise.

Top things to do in Luagan Lalak –

  • Feel the tranquility of craved peace and serenity of the lovely region.
  • Walk on the wooden pathways and feel fresh while breathing the fresh moist air around the lake.
  • Take photographs of the mirror clear waters of the lake with an alluring background of green forests.
  • Go for picnic around the lake, spot a number of birds and meditate in the undisturbed environment.
  • End your trip after admiring the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset views from the lake.

Best time to visit Luagan Lalak is from January till May. Come here before 6 AM to get the breathtaking sunrise views.

How to reach Luagan Lalak? Take a car or taxi from the city of Bandar Seri Begawan to reach the lake.

Muara - top beach destination in Brunei

seaside view of Muara, Brunei
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Muara is a busy port city in the north easternmost part of Brunei Muara district known for incredible Islamic architecture and long beaches.

Top things to do in Muara –

  • Stroll over the vast Muara beach, a vast white sandy beach with a kid’s playground, washroom and kiosks.
  • Experience a wonderful sunset from the Tanjung Batu beach while cherishing the cool breeze.
  • Enjoy activities like snorkeling and scuba diving in the Pelong Rocks, a cozy rocky island near the town.
  • Move to the Island of Pulau Muara Besar to acquaint yourself with the famous oil plants of the country.
  • Learn about and visualize the protected area of Pelumpong Spit, a long narrow island off the coast to Muara.

Best time to visit Muara is during the months of July and August.

How to reach Muara? Take a taxi, car or bus from the city of Bandar Seri Begawan to reach the city.

Tasek Lama Recreational Park - oasis amidst the city

landscape in Tasek Lama Park, Brunei
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Tasek Lama Recreational Park is an unexpected natural region near the city of Bandar Seri Begawan

Top things to do in Tasek Lama Recreational Park –

  • Notice the enchanting rows of the pretty orchid flowers flanked over the park.
  • Go for hiking in the numerous hilly trails and jogging walkways of the park with a playground.
  • Trek up to its secluded waterfall, pause here and feel the refreshing breeze here for a moment.
  • Adore a picnic lunch with your family while relishing the scenic views of the colorful landscape.
  • Complete your journey after clicking some amazing photographs of the spectacular region.

Best time to visit Tasek Lama Recreational Park is during morning time when the crowd is less.

How to reach Tasek Lama Recreational Park? Take a taxi from the city of Bandar Seri Begawan to access the park.

Kota Batu - historical capital of Brunei

Sharif Ali Tomb in Kota Batu, Brunei
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Kota Batu is a small mukim on the southeastern part of the Brunei Muara district that is famous for its varied historic museums .

Top things to do in Kota Batu –

  • Observe the beautiful architecture and surrounding views of Brunei Museum.
  • Learn about the traditional village life of Malay people and see many exhibitions in the elegant Malay Technology Museum.
  • Click alluring pictures to cherish the memory of a lifetime while travelling over here.
  • Head to Brunei Darussalam Maritime Museum, the third main museum in Kota Batu.
  • Visit the Mausoleum of Sultan Bolkiah and admire the astonishing view of green trees.
  • Roam over the trails and watch the landscape from the Archaeological Park of Kota Batu.

Best time to visit Kota Batu is during the months of October, November and May.

How to reach Kota Batu? Take a car or taxi from the capital city of Brunei to reach the town.

Seria - oil center of Brunei

colorful buildings in Seria, Brunei
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Seria is a small town in Brunei that is considered as the birthplace of the petroleum industry in the country famed for its gas centers.

Top things to do in Seria –

  • Travel over the Billionth Barrel Monument celebrating the production of billion oil barrels in the town.
  • Relax and adore the cool breeze of the sea on the beach beside the Billionth Barrel Monument.
  • Get inside the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre to know more about the history of oil and gas industries in Seria.
  • See various collections of science and engineering in the main gallery or explore the wide playgrounds and parks.
  • Come across Seria Mosque, the first mosque in the country to adopt dome in its architecture.

Popular food to try in Seria consists of roti Kahwin, French toast, butter toast, hot buns and coffee.

Best time to visit Seria is between the period of January and February.

How to reach Seria? Book a flight to Marudi Airport from where you can take a taxi or car to reach the town.

Ulu Temburong National Park - top place to explore wildlife in Brunei

dense canopy in Ulu Temburong National Park, Borneo
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Ulu Temburong National Park also called the Fithul Park is the oldest national park of Brunei found in Temburong district in eastern Brunei.

Top things to do in Ulu Temburong National Park –

  • Spot Muller’s Bruneian gibbon, the most famous faunal species found in the national park .
  • Discover biodiversity like centipede, hornbills, squirrels, lantern bugs, swiftlets, broadbills with many notable butterflies during sunset and sunrise.
  • Do swimming in the cool and refreshing Sungai Apan Waterfall.
  • Go for hiking in the dense canopy while listening to the sound of Bruneian gibbons and hornbills.
  • Pass Belalong, a pristine canopy walkway offering a spectacular view of the rainforest.
  • Stay amidst the lush forest with Ulu Ulu Resort providing wooden rooms to cherish the natural beauty in the best way.

Popular food to try in Ulu Temburong National Park comprises of Chinese and Malay dishes along with steamboat meals.

Best time to visit Ulu Temburong National Park is from January to May.

How to reach Ulu Temburong National Park? Book a flight to Limbang Airport from where you can take a bus or taxi to reach here

Peradayan Forest Reserve - top mountain destination in Brunei

Peradayan Forest Reserve is a recreational park in Brunei encompassing the hills of Bukit Peradayan and Bukit Patoi.

Top things to do in Peradayan Forest Reserve –

  • Climb to the Bukit Patoi and Bukit Peradayan through the well marked trails.
  • Get an adrenaline rush with difficult hiking while enjoying the serenity and coolness of the forest.
  • Get breathtaking views of its limestone cliffs and caves along with the green mountainous forest.
  • Relax and take a nature leap in the small shelters built here for the visitors.
  • Capture the picturesque perspective while getting here from a water taxi.

Best time to visit Peradayan Forest Reserve is during the months of January, February and March.

How to reach Peradayan Forest Reserve? Take a water taxi from the town of Jalan in Bandar Seri Begawan to reach the reserve.

Lugu Lake - top lake destination in Brunei

Boats in Lugu Lake, Brunei
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Lugu Lake is a former man made pit turned freshwater lake that will surely dazzle up your life with its wonderful natural richness .

Top things to do in Lugu Lake –

  • Take some instagrammable shots of the turquoise luster of this beautiful lake.
  • Interact with the local resident kids waddling and splashing with the lake waters.
  • Explore the entire landscape of deep jungle and lake with activities like paddle boarding, swimming and boating.
  • Do picnicking in the colorful forest around the lake.
  • Soak up the sun as you float atop the dreamy blue lagoon.
  • Taste the local food in the traditional small huts selling melodious food.

Best time to visit Lugu Lake is from December till March.

How to reach Lugu Lake? Take a taxi or bus from the capital city to reach the lake.

Serasa - top romantic destination in Brunei

Ferry on port of Serasa, Brunei
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Serasa is a coastal town in Brunei located near the port of Muara famed for its many beaches.

Top things to do in Serasa –

  • Stroll along the lovely Serasa beach with your partner.
  • Enjoy boating in the blue waters and meet the local vendors selling food.
  • Hike up to Bukit Tempayan Pisang offering a sweeping view of the beaches and the port.
  • Experience an overwhelming sunset while sitting on the white sandy beaches.
  • End your trip as you visit the Masjid Setia Ali.

Best time to visit Serasa is during the months of January, February and March.

How to reach Serasa? The town is easily accessible by taking a taxi or car from the capital city, Bandar Seri Begawan.

Kuala Belait - top family travel destination in Brunei

roadside tree in Kuala Belait, Brunei
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Kuala Belait is the second largest town in Brunei in western part of the nation known for its coastal life and cultural heritage.

Top things to do in Kuala Belait –

  • Enjoy a lively visit with your family to the scenic Kampong Pandan Mosque.
  • Take your kids to Silver Jubilee Park where you can relax alongside the beach while kids can enjoy rides.
  • Round over the monument of Menara CenderaKenangan.
  • Learn about the history of the district in the Belait District Museum.
  • Locate Tea-Pot Roundabout, a quirky and unique monument that must be seen in Kuala Belait.

Popular food to try in Kuala Belait consists of kebab ,sushi with Bruneian, Chinese and Indian delicacies.

Best time to visit Kuala Belait is from December till May.

How to reach Kuala Belait? Take a bus from the town of Seria to reach the city.

Bukit Pagon - most offbeat destination in Brunei

sunrise in Bukit Pagon, Brunei
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Bukit Pagon is the highest mountain peak in Brunei located at the border of Malaysia in the district of Temburong.

Top things to do in Bukit Pagon –

  • Challenge yourself with some extreme adventures in the mountainous forest area around the mountain.
  • Climb to the top of the mountain and get an outlandish view of other peaks.
  • Go on a road trip on the nearby roads logging the jungle.
  • Take some alluring photographs of the sunsets with a misty weather from the mountain.

Best time to visit Bukit Pagon is during February, March and April.

How to reach Bukit Pagon? You have to reach the mountain summit via Sarawak through road