15 Top Cities of Chile - Best travel and holiday destinations

15 Top Cities of Chile - Best travel and holiday destinations

Updated 8 Apr, 2020
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Chile, one of the most famous countries in Latin America as a tourist destination, is home to many cities that offer captivating museums, fine dining and some most beautiful beaches in the world.

Chile is also affectionately known by its inhabitants as the country of poets. Chile’s mountainous and volcanic landscape with lakes is home to many interesting cities that you must visit in your lifetime.

Chile has some of the world's best travel destinations and cities; read along to find the inspiration for your next trip.

Santiago - most developed city in Chile

panoramic view of Santiago, Chile
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Santiago, the seventh most populous city in the Americas, is the capital and largest city in Chile. The city sits on a valley surrounded by snowy Andean Mountains and Chilean Coast range.

Top things to do in Santiago –

  • Hike to Santa Lucia Hill.
  • Take a round of Plaza De Armas to see many important landmarks of Santiago.
  • Come across La Moneda Palace, stately office of Chile’s president.
  • Step up to the Costanera Center’s sky point of Santiago.
  • Take a cable car to get an awesome city view.
  • Progress to the central market for shopping purposes.

Popular food to try in Santiago comprises Empanadas, Pastel De Choclo, pizza and many Chilean delicacies.

Best time to visit Santiago is from late September to November and from March till May.

How to reach Santiago – the capital city can be reached by the Arturo Merino Benitez airport in Santiago.

Viña Del Mar - most popular destination in Chile

seaside during sunset in Viña Del Mar, Chile
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Viña Del Mar is a popular coastal resort town in Chile famous for the high rise buildings, gardens and vast beaches.

Top things to do in Viña Del Mar –

  • Rest and meander many gardens like Quinta Vergara park, flower clock park, Aviva water park and Viña Del Mar botanical garden.
  • Get sun-kissed in beautiful beaches here like the Renaca beach, coconut dunes, Las Salinas beach and Playa Del Deporte.
  • Visit the famous fairy tale style Wulff Castle, a seaside castle and museum in the city.
  • Head to the Casino De Viña Del Mar.
  • Discover aristocratic furniture in Decorative Arts Museum Rioja.

Popular food to try in Viña Del Mar consists of Chorrillana, Pastel De Choclo, Completo, Curanto, Pebre, Empanadas and Chilean wine.

Best time to visit Viña Del Mar is from January till May and from October till December

How to reach Viña Del Mar– you can get to Viña Del Mar from Santiago by taking a bus . The 2 main lines are Turbus and Pullman bus.

Easter Island - top upbeat destination in Chile

archeological site in Easter Island, Chile
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Easter island is a remote volcanic island off the coast in Chile.

Top things to do in Easter Island –

  • Explore a number of ancient archaeological sites in Easter Island.
  • Notice and capture the 900 monumental statues called Moai.
  • Know about the legends about these mysterious formations.
  • Notice distinct Maoi groups like Ahu Tongariki, Rapa Nui ,Ahu Akivi, Ahu Tahai and many more.
  • Marvel the Anakena beach, Rano Raraku, a Volcanic Crater and many unusual formations .

Popular food to try on Easter Island consists of fishes like swordfish, tuna and mahi mahi and seafood like lobster and shrimp.

Best time to visit Easter Island is from April to June or from October to December.

How to reach Easter Island – Easter Island can be reached by a flight from the capital Santiago.

Valparaiso - most beautiful city in Chile

panoramic view of Valparaiso, Chile
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Valparaiso is a port city in Chile’s coast known for its steep funiculars, colorful buildings and cliff top homes.

Top things to do in Valparaiso –

  • Dazzle up at the unique architecture and splashy colors of Valparaiso.
  • Find different arts and architecture in streets like Ascensor Reina Victoria, Paseo Gervasoni, Artillera Funicular Railway and Quinta Vergara.
  • Visit the museums like La Sebastiana Museo De Pablo Neruda and Museo De Historia Natural De Valparaíso.
  • Soak up the sun and chill at Renaca beach.

Popular food to try in Valparaiso includes meat soup, Lengua De Vaca, Pastel De Jaiba, Milcao, Chorrillana and many more Chilean dishes.

Best time to visit Valparaiso is from November to March.

How to reach Valparaiso – the closest airport from Valparaiso is Arturo Merino Benitez airport in Santiago from which you can come to Valparaiso via a bus.

Iquique - top beach destination in Chile

Iquique is a coastal city in northern Chile that spreads west to the Atacama desert.

Top things to do in Iquique –

  • Feel the vibrancy of the vast Pacific beaches .
  • Examine your luck in seafront casinos with Dreams Iquique casino as most popular.
  • Stroll along sandy beaches like Playa Brava and Playa Cavancha.
  • Visit the Monumento Boya Esmeralda, a ship museum in Iquique.
  • Head to the main square where you can see the elegant Clock Tower.
  • Shop at the Mall ZOFRI.

Popular food to try in Iquique comprises Alfajores, Chumbeque, seafood, pizza and Pisco Sour.

Best time to visit Iquique is from December to March.

How to reach Iquique– you can book a flight to Diego Aracena International Airport in Iquique to get to the city.

San Pedro De Atacama - most romantic destination in Chile

landscape of San Pedro De Atacama, Chile
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San Pedro De Atacama is a town in Chile located in the Atacama desert that sits in the plateau of Andes mountains in northeastern Chile.

Top things to do in San Pedro De Atacama –

  • Experience your honeymoon in an offbeat way.
  • Explore the salt flats, geysers, volcanoes and hot springs with your partner.
  • Get lost in the deep Valle De La Luna.
  • Climb and hike to Lascar, a volcanic mountain in town.
  • Complete your trip at Church of San Pedro De Atacama.

You can try the typical Chilean food in San Pedro De Atacama.

Best time to visit San Pedro De Atacama are the months of December, January and February.

How to reach San Pedro De Atacama – the nearest airport from the town is Calama airport, you can also come via bus through the capital Santiago.

Castro - best historical town in Chile

mountain houses in Castro, Chile
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Castro is the third oldest town in Chile that is located at the Chiloe Island of the Chile’s Lake district.

Top things to do in Castro-

  • Look at the lovely architecture of Church of San Francisco and Church of Nercon.
  • Museu De Arte Moderno Chiloe is an amazing place to see contemporary art.
  • Plaza De Armas De Castro is the main square to go while tripping to Castro.
  • Capture the houses built at the waterfront that look very enchanting.
  • Walk at the hills and see the arts here.
  • Get delighted with a melodious treat from seafood restaurants.

Popular food to try in Castro includes Milcos, Empanadas, steamed mussels, Pastel De Jaiba and seafood.

Best time to visit Castro is from mid May to mid July and from mid August to early October.

How to reach Castro– the city can be accessed by taking a ferry from Puerto Montt and Puerto Montt can be accessed through Santiago.

La Serena - top affordable city in Chile

lighthouse in la Serena, Chile
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La Serena is a coastal city in Chile which is the capital of the Coquimbo region of Chile. The city is a must visit place on a low budget in Chile.

Top things to do in La Serena –

  • Find many historical monuments at Plaza De Armas De La Serena .
  • Move to La Recova street for buying handicrafts.
  • Come upon the Lighthouse of La Serena being the most popular landmark here. many other places.
  • Feel the Japan at Japones Jardin Del Corazon Park.
  • Wander at many long sandy beaches of La Serena.

Best time to visit La Serena is during the months of January, February and March.

How to reach La Serena– you can book a flight to the La Serena airport and can also reach by bus from Santiago.

Lake District - best family travel destination in Chile

Puerto Varas city, Lake District, Chile
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Lake District is a famous district in Southern Chile that sits on the Andean foothills and is home to many great lakes of Chile.

Top things to do in Lake District –

  • Cover the friendly district with your kids and family.
  • Tour the cities like Temuco, Puerto Varas, Puerto Octay, Valdivia and Osorno.
  • Stay at many luxurious hotels, dine at many authentic restaurants and bars while discovering many landmarks.
  • Fall in love with the natural beauty of many lakes.

Best time to visit Lake District is from December to March

How to reach Lake District – the different cities of Lake District can be reached with the airports there and a bus can also be taken to explore the district.

Concepcion - top party destination in Chile

skyline of Concepcion, Chile
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Concepcion is a large Chilean city that belongs to the metropolitan area of Greater Concepcion.

Top things to do in Concepcion –

  • Start your journey from the Plaza De La Independencia, the main square of the city.
  • Explore a number of Industries of Concepcion.
  • Indulge in the dazzling nightlife of the town with a number of bars and nightclubs to make your party mood awesome.
  • Find a number of varied animals at Concepcion Zoo.
  • View quirky art and paintings at Casa Del Arte.
  • Relax at Parque Pedro Del Rio Zanates and jump to Nonguen National Reserve.

Popular food to try in Concepcion consists of Chilean, Mexican cuisine with seafood and Pisco Sour cocktail.

Best time to visit Concepcion is from November till mid April.

How to reach Concepcion – the closest airport from the Concepcion is Carriel Sur International Airport which is 11 km away from the city center.

Colchagua - best wine lover destination in Chile

Colchagua Museum in
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Colchagua is a province located in central Chile, and famous for its wine shops and wineries.

Top things to do in Colchagua –

  • Visit many vineyards like the Vina Casa Silva, Vina Viu Manent, Vina MontGras, Vina Santa Cruz and Clos Apalta Winery.
  • Taste the wine at many wineries, vineyards and wine shops.
  • Visit the Colchagua Museum , the most famous museum in Colchagua.
  • Take the opportunity of gambling at Colchagua Casino.
  • Trip to the Museo San Jos Del Carmen Del Huique. Tinguiririca Volcano and many more places.

Best time to visit Colchagua is from October to May in order to witness good weather and harvest.

How to reach Colchagua– you can travel to the Colchagua by a bus from any major city in Chile like Santiago.

Colchagua, Chile

Tierra Del Fuego - best place to see wildlife in Chile

scenic landscape of Tierra Del Fuego, Chile
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Tierra Del Fuego is an archipelago in Chile that is shared between Chile and Argentina.

Top things to do in Tierra Del Fuego –

  • Get a majestic experience of being at an unexpected place often termed as the End of the World.
  • Fall in love with many mountains, lakes, glaciers and wind sculpted trees.
  • Find rare animals like Magellanic penguins ,king penguins, black browed albatross and more.

Popular food to try in Tierra Del Fuego consists of fish and seafood like crab and squid.

Best time to visit Tierra Del Fuego is from December to February, while any time from October to April is good to go.

How to reach Tierra Del Fuego– Tierra Del Fuego region is at a drive distance of 5 hours from the Punta Arenas in Chile.

Pucon - best adventure destination in Chile

Villarica Volcano in Pucon, Chile
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Pucon is a city in central Chile located in the Lake district that lies on the Villarrica Lake and is overlooked by the snowy Villarrica Volcano.

Top things to do in Pucon –

  • Adventure with the hiking trails of the town.
  • Adore the Villarrica Volcano while hiking.
  • Witness the glacial lakes like Tinquilco Lake and Caburgua Lake.
  • Progress to the Pucon beach while enjoying the beauty of the city.
  • Enter the casino, Enjoy Gran Hotel Pucon and take a round of Plaza De Armas De Pucon.
  • Cherish zip lining in the Bosque Aventura Pucon.

Popular food to try in Pucon consists of Argentine barbecues, pizzas, tacos and fish.

Best time to visit Pucon is from January till March.

How to reach Pucon– you can book a flight to Pucon airport and can also take a bus from Temuco city to reach the adventurous town.

Puerto Chacabuco - best solo travel destination in Chile

pristine mountains in Puerto Chacabuco, Chile
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Puerto Chacabuco is a small town in Southern Chile located in the Patagonian region .

Top things to do in Puerto Chacabuco –

  • Jump off to the Aysen Fjord which the town is known for.
  • Find Lake Los Palos in the northeast direction.
  • In the southeast direction, locate the Simpson River National Reserve.
  • Head to the southwest direction to see Northern Patagonian ice fields.
  • Travel over the beaches to get stunning views of the mountains.

Best time to visit Puerto Chacabuco is from December to mid March.

How to reach Puerto Chacabuco– the closest airport from Puerto Chacabuco is Balmaceda Airport that is just 62 miles away from the town.

Torres Del Paine - best mountain destination in Chile

Grey Lake in Torres Del Paine, Chile
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Torres Del Paine is a national park in south Chile located in the Magallanes region.

Top things to do in Torres Del Paine –

  • Get extreme in the mountains, glaciers, rivers and lakes making the region the best mountain destination in the entire Latin America.
  • Start your trip from the nearest city of Puerto Natales.
  • Uncover world’s most unusual sites like the Grey Glacier, Grey Lake, Cordillera Paine, Laguna Amarga and Lake Pehoé.

Best time to visit Torres Del Paine is from November to mid March.

How to reach Torres Del Paine – you can take a flight to Punta Arenas and from there can take a bus to reach Torres Del Paine National Park.