15 Top Cities of Albania - Best travel and holiday destinations

15 Top Cities of Albania - Best travel and holiday destinations

Updated 21 Feb, 2020
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Albania, also known as the ‘Republic of Albania’ the country is situated in the south east of Europe and is a neighboring land to Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia. It is full of beautiful forests with a large animal and plant life, stunning lakes and magnificent beaches.

The country was known as the first atheist state in the world in 1967. Now the majority of people residing are Muslims. A fun fact is that the country has the fastest and cheapest internet in Europe.

Discover best cities of Albania and its prettiest beach towns and historical cities one must surely visit on next trip.

Berat (Town of a thousand windows)

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The city of Berat is known as the city of museums. The beautiful museums make the city magical and is a highlight of Albania.

Top Things to do in Berat

  • National Iconographic Museum Onufri: The monument is named after the great icon artist Onufri, the place has beautiful interiors and had audio guides in many different languages.
  • Gorica Bridge: The very famous bridge in Berat is one of the oldest bridges in Albania. Situated in the center of the city the bridge. It is well built and well designed.
  • Berat Castle: Not something you want to miss if you are in Berat. The castle gives a beautiful view of the city and still has locals residing inside, there is a small village inside with cafes and tiny traditional stores.
  • National Ethnographic Museum: Inaugurated in 1979 the museum is a small house converted into a museum. There are some interesting facts about the place.
  • Homemade Food Lili: If you are looking for authentic Albanian food then this local restaurant where the host, Lily herself serves her customers is famous for its fresh traditional dishes available. It also serves delicious Mediterranean food.
  • Taverna Lazaro: Delicious Greek European and Mediterranean food and very quick service.
  • Restaurant Mangalemi: A rooftop restaurant with a beautiful view. Serves some brilliant and relishing traditional dishes of Albania.

Best time to visit

From May to September are known as the best months to visit the ‘town of a thousand windows’. The weather is warm and pleasant

Average hotel prices

The average prices in Berat start from 50 euros/56 USD onwards.

How to get to Berat?

Tourists can get to Berat in a 2 to 3 hour bus journey from Tirana the best way to get around the town is by rental bikes or rental cars.

Borsh (Most beautiful city)

The marvelous city of Borsh is famous for its clear blue waters and beautiful beaches. It is clearly a paradise for tourists.

Things to do-

Ali Pasha Fortress Porto Palermo castle: Previously used as a prison, the sea fortress is now a beautiful historical monument. It has a fantastic view.
Borsh beach: An incredible and clean pebble beach. Magnificent colors of the sea. There are many cafes on the beach where one can sit and enjoy a drink with the mesmerizing sound of the waves.
Llamani Beach: situated near the city of Himare most of the tourists visit this beach from Borsh. Its Crystal clear waters make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Albania.
Borsh Castle: A stunning view of nature at this historic monument.

Luna Mare Borsh: Located on a beautiful place at the beach the restaurant serves delicious seafood.
Ujvara Veranda: Special traditional Albanian food and friendly staff.
Veranda Bar Restaurant: Famous for its wide range of menu that consists of Greek and Mediterranean seafood dishes.

Best time to visit-

Between May to October are the best months of the year to visit the city since the climate is pleasant and temperatures are 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Average hotel prices-

3 star and 4 star average hotel prices begin from 50 euros/ 56 USD onwards.

How to get to Borsh-

Buses are available from Tirana that go to Sarande which is city near Borsh. The bus takes a beautiful coastal route.

Dhërmi (Best nightlife city)

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A Calm, peaceful and quiet town. It is truly a site for the sore eyes. Dhermi is very well known for its superb night life and parties.

Things to do-

Mount Çika: Known as the highest peak of the Ceraunian Range. The peak has an incredible view.
Llogara Pass: A challenging drive to the pass but very adventurous. Definitely fun.
Gjipe Beach: A beautiful 30 minute walk to the beach. It is a clean beach and tourists can even camp.
Dhërmi beach: A magnificent beach, clear waters and a very fantastic tourist spot.

Azul by Havana: Pretty seating arrangements with brilliant food and desserts
Camping paradise: A simple yet lovely restaurant. A wonderful variety of seafood, Mediterranean food and Greek food.
Royal Blue Restaurant: Apart from the quick service and friendly staff, the delicious food and peaceful ambience makes this place more special and enjoyable.

Best time to visit-

With high temperatures during the summers, June to august are the best months to visit the city.

Average hotel prices-

3 star hotel prices begin from 25 euros/ 30 USD onwards and 4 star hotels begin from 50 euros/ 56 USD onwards.

How to get to Dhërmi-

The nearest airport to this city is the Tirana airport. From Tirana towards Sarande, Himare and Dhermi there are buses available.

Durrës (Most important harbor city)

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One of the largest and liveliest beaches in Albania. The city holds innumerous summer activities. The city also has very rich and ancient roman history.

Things to do-

Durrës Castle: A beautiful castle with lots of historical facts.
Amphitheatre of Durrës: This historic site is definitely a must go for all tourists visiting the city. Very impressive and picturesque place.
Durrës Archaeological Museum: An interesting museum with beautiful displays of artifacts from the past. Tourists also get to learn a lot about the history of Albania.

Flower restaurant: A lovely fine dining restaurant with a magnificent interior décor. Good food and service.
Fly restaurant: A rooftop restaurant with an amazing view and delicious Italian cuisine.
Sema: Interesting location and superb meals. Very relishing and fun.

Best time to visit-

The weather during July to august is very pleasant. It is summer time and the whole town looks lively and vivacious.

Average hotel prices-

3 star hotel prices start from 37 euros/ 42 USD and 5 star hotel prices start from 63 euros/ 70 USD.

How to get to Durres-

The nearest airport is the Tirana airport. One can get to Durres on a 40 minute bus journey.

Fier (Top historical city)

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The café is home to the famous archaeological site, Apollonia. Tourists from all around the world come to visit this gorgeous city throughout the year.

Things to do-

Apollonia Archaeological Park: A fabulous archaeological site in Fier. Not something to miss. A gem of a monument.
Seman: A beautiful river on the banks of Fier.
History museum of Fier: The museum is pretty and a good place to visit in Fier.

Te Berti: Blissful appetizers and salads. Good quality and helpful staff.
Toska Fish Restorant: Amazing place for international cuisines and fantastic desserts.
Qilari I Vjeter: The restaurant serves Turkish, European, Greek and Albanian dishes. The food is authentic and truly delicious.

Best time to visit-

June to September are known as the best months to visit the city.

Average hotel prices-

3 and 4 star hotel prices start from 37 euros/42 USD onwards.

How to get to Fier-

Tourists can get to Fier from Tirana by train, bus or rental cars.

Finiq (Top archaeological city)

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Finiq is beautiful and the city has a perfect blend of nature and history. The greenery really takes ones breath away.

Things to do-

Finiq Archaeological Park: The well-known park is visited by tourists from all around the world. It is a fantastic place with a very scenic view.
Monastery of St. Michael: The monastery that is located close to the city of Sarande is also accessible from Fier. It’s an interesting ancient monastery and is very picturesque.
Kalaja e Delvinës: It is a castle that shares some amazing and magical views.

Bar Restorande Foinike: delicious food, moderately priced.
Wine Bar Kristiano: This place has one of the best locations in Finiq. It is a rooftop restaurant and the best time to have a meal here is during sunset. The food is equally amazing.
Restorant Leli: Well known for barbeque, the restaurant serves one of the best grill dishes.

Best time to visit-

The city can be visited during the months of June- September. The climate and calm and pleasant.

Average hotel prices-

Prices in Finiq for 3 star and 4 star hotels average to 35 euros/ 41 USD onwards.

How to get to Finiq-

The kerkyra airport that is situated 36 kilometers from Finiq is the closest airport. One can get to Finiq by bus or rental cars.

Korçë (the little Paris of Albania)

The city is home to numerous breweries and sugar refineries. The architecture of the whole town is marvelous and enchanting.
The city is

Things to do-

Pazari i Korçës: This tourist attraction in Korçë has a lot of coffee shops and tiny cafes. It is an amazing place to hang out with family and friends.
Iliaz Bej Mirahori Mosque: The mosque has a wonderful architecture and is one of the oldest mosques in Albania.
National Museum of Medieval Art: Beautifully designed interiors of the museum will take your breath away. The museum has some fantastic displays of medieval art.

Vila cofiel: Traditional as well as international cuisine, the restaurant has lovely live musicians performing. It’s a good time to go for dinner since the place is all lit up.
Find four: The restaurant has a very cozy atmosphere, the ambience is beautiful and food is delicious.
Tavern vasili: A haven for meat lovers as this restaurant is a specialty meat restaurant. It has a gorgeous ambience.

Best time to visit-

The best time to visit this gorgeous city is during the months of June, July and August.

Average hotel prices-

Hotel prices start from 50 euros/ 57 USD onwards.

How to get to Korçë-

Tirana is the nearest airport to this city. One can get to Korçë from Tirana by bus.

Kruja (Top shopping destination)

Beautiful city amidst mountains, full of green valleys and beautiful sceneries make it a perfect evening with your loved ones.

Things to do-

Castle of Kruje: This blissful chateaux has visitors all round year. It is calm and peaceful and has some amazing views.
Lake Bovilla: it is a magical place, the water is just spectacular and everyone who visits the lake is in awe with it.
National Museum George Kastrioti Skanderbeg: A touristic site located at a high altitude. It is a nice museum with interesting facts about the history of the country.

KROI Restaurant: Amazing wine, friendly staff, beautiful interiors and a fabulous view.
Hotel Panorama Restaurant: Brilliant local Albanian cuisine.
Bar Restorant Alba: A cozy restaurant and excellent food.

Best time to visit-

The city experiences the best weather during the months of May to September.

Average hotel prices-

Hotel prices start from 50 euros/ 57 USD onwards.

How to get to Kruje-

There are buses available from Durres to Kruje and Tirana to Kruje too.

Ksamil (Most beautiful beach)

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Ksamil has one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. With crystal clear waters and sparkling white sand the city is magical.

Things to do-

Ksamil Islands: A magnificent place and crystal clear water. Stunning place to spend a day.
Plazhi Ksamilit: Beautiful colors of the sea can be seen from the beach, although the beach is crowded one can find himself a perfect spot to sit and soak in the sun.
Lori Beach: Another beautiful beach in Ksamil would be the Lori beach, its stunning views and sparkling sand is just something that wouldn’t want to make you leave.
Paradise beach: A nice and relaxing beach. Calm and peaceful. Just like the name, It feels like paradise.

The Mussel House Restaurant: Situated on a beautiful lake, the restaurant serves superb food.
Fourth Island: Fabulous pastas, pizzas and delicious homemade bread.
Abiori Bar Restaurant Pizzeria Ksamil: Lovely location and fantastic seafood, this restaurant has a beautiful ambience and quick service.

Best time to visit-

The best months to visit Ksamil for tourists are June, July and August.

Average hotel prices-

25 euros/31 USD are the average hotel prices in Ksamil.

How to get to Ksamil-

Ksamil is located just 10 minutes from Sarande. There are public buses available.

Pogradec (Oldest and deepest lake)

The city is surrounded by lakes and mountains. It has some mesmerizing food and restaurants.

Things to do-

National Park of Drilon: Calm and peaceful national park, has some beautiful nature trails and walking paths.
Pogradec Castle: A stunning view from the castle and a beautiful location.
Pogradeci Lake: A huge serene lake.

Restaurant Pogradeci: Delicious seafood and great drink. The ambience is nice and simple.
Camping Arbi Bar-Restaurant: Interesting location, good food and drinks.
Restaurant Rosa e Tymosur-Villa Borana: the restaurant serves authentic Albanian and European dishes. The food is tasty and the décor is stunning.

Best time to visit-

June till September have the best weather in Pogradec.

Average hotel prices-

The prices of hotels in Pogradec range up to 37 euros/ 42 USD onwards.

How to get to Pogradec-

There is a train service and a bus service from major cities to Pogradec.

Sarandë (Top beach parties)

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The city of Sarande had a fabulous night life. Visitors never fail a chance to experience the lavish beach parties that take place in the city

Things to do-

Saranda beach: A beautiful beach near the promenade. Lively and fun.
Pulëbardha Beach: A lovely beach. Amazing waves for surfing and swimming.
Lëkurësi Castle: A pleasant walk to the monastery for a breathtaking view of the city.
Port of Sarandë: A small port with a good amount of restaurants for tourists to sit and enjoy in the sun.

Mare Nostrum Cuisine: brilliant seafood, the restaurant also serves some amazing Mediterranean dishes.
Alban Restaurant: Local and international dishes served. They also have delicious seafood and the seating is Good and comfortable.
Haxhi: sweet and friendly staff. Good portions of food and simply relishing.

Best time to visit-

The best time to visit this marvelous city is during the months of June, July and August.

Average hotel prices-

There are 1 star and 2 star hotels that start from 11 euros/ 14 USD onwards. Then the 3 star and 4 star hotel prices are 25 euros/ 28 USD onwards.

How to get to Sarande-

Sarande is located closest to Corfu, a city in Greece. Tourists visiting Greece can take a ferry from Corfu to Sarande. Bus services are also available from Tirana to Sarande.

Shkoder (Cultural capital)

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The city has a charismatic aura and is one of the oldest city in Europe. Visiting this city is an exhilarating experience.

Things to do-

Xhamia e Madhe - Ebu Bekr mosque: A peaceful and quiet mosque in a very gorgeous surrounding.
Rozafa castle: Located a little far from the city, the castle is very well maintained and has some magnificent views.
Lake Skadar: Also known as Lake Scutari, a good place to have a relaxing day at this serene lake.
St. Stephen's Cathedral, Shkodër: Although damaged by the Montenegrin army, the cathedral still remains the same and just underwent a few changes. It has a Romanic architecture and is very calm and beautiful inside.
Vendi i Deshmise dhe Kujteses - Site of Witness and Memory: To know about the historic moment of communism in Albania this place is a must visit. It is very informative and intriguing.

Tradita Geg & Tosk: An amazing traditional restaurant with a very sweet and welcoming staff. Brilliant food.
San Franciso bar and restaurant: Great seating and blissful food.
Bar Restaurant Elita Shkoder: From salads to desserts, the restaurant has brilliant food and a cozy atmosphere.

Best time to visit-

From May to October are considered very pleasant and warm and therefore are the preferred months for tourists to visit the city.

Average hotel prices-

3 star and 4 star hotel prices start from 37 euros/ 42 USD onwards.

How to get to Shkoder-

To get to the lakeside city, tourists can take a bus that leaves after every one hour from Tirana.

Theth (Top hiking destination)

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The city is famous for its amazing nature paths and hiking trails. This is the hiking destination of Albania.

Things to do-

Maja Jezercë: A wonderful climb to a beautiful mountain peak and scenic views.
Valbona Pass: A marvelous mountain hike to the pass. Wonderful location.
Theth National Park: A lovely forest with amazing colors of the fall leaves. There are some fabulous waterfalls too.
Maja Harapit: A stunning mountain peak and some adventurous paths.

Villa Gjecaj Restaurant: Incredible seating’s in a garden. The restaurant serves brilliant wines and a great variety of cheeses.
Simoni Kafe: A very tiny restaurant. They serve amazing coffee and tea.

Hotel-Restaurant Margjeka:

A warm and cozy restaurant with impressive interiors.

Best time to visit-

May to October are the best months to visit the city.

Average hotel prices-

In Theth, 3 star and 4 star hotel prices start from 25 euros/ 31 USD onwards.

How to get to Theth-

Tirana airport is the nearest airport to Theth. One can take a bus to Shkoder that is closest to Theth.

Tirana (Capital and largest city)

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The capital of the city is a major food hub and the entertainment center of Albania. Visitors all around the world have the most unique and fabulous experience while visiting the beautiful city.

Things to do-

National Museum of History: A very important museum with lots of history of Albania. The museum is grand and elegant.
Skanderbeg Square: The Square is a major tourist attraction. The markets are lovely and have fabulous decorations during the festive months.
Et'hem Bej Mosque: An ancient mosque, very elegantly designed with beautiful interiors.
Dajti: A mountain with a fabulous scenic view.
Dajti Ekspres: An amazing 15 minute cable car ride through the lovely mountains of Albania.

Ballkoni Dajtit: Amazing location and great food and drinks. The service is fast.
Kripe Dhe Piper: A fine dining restaurant, excellent and fresh served dishes.
Era Blloku: The restaurant has some of the most fabulous dishes and the plating is very fancy and elegant.

Best time to visit-

May to September are the best months to visit the city. The climate is pleasant and the temperatures go up to 31 degrees Celsius.

Average hotel prices-

Hotel prices in Tirana range up to 37 euros/ 42 USD onwards.

How to get to Tirana-

Tirana being the capital of Albania has an international airport. There are public buses and rental cars.

Vlore (Most charming city)

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From beautiful promenades to amazing beaches and pretty purple skies. This city is truly mind-blowing

Things to do-

Independence monument: a beautiful monument in Albania. Located in a lovely park full of nature and trees.
Muradie Mosque: known as an amazing touristic spot, the old Turkish mosque has some impressive atmosphere and structure.
Kaninë Castle: Out of the many castles in Albania, this castle is very special and magical. There are outstanding and breathtaking views. One should definitely go to the castle during their visit to Vlore.

Restorant Joni Vlore: To enjoy some local Albanian cuisine, this restaurant along with good seating serves truly delicious dishes.
Ristorante San Giorgio al Porto: Lively restaurant and great dishes.
Tre Forchette Restaurant: This steakhouse restaurant is not something you would want to miss since it has one of the best steaks and seafood dishes in town and amazing appetizers.

Best time to visit-

May to October have fabulous weather and it is best to visit Vlore during these months.

Average hotel prices-

3 star and 4 star hotels average prices are 50 euros/57 USD onwards.

How to get to Vlore-

Tirana is the nearest city with an airport. Tourists can drive to Vlore from Tirana or take a bus.

Albanian cuisine


This delicacy is a stuffed pastry with walnut and pistachios with a sweet syrup.


Known as an éclair in the European countries, the dish is well known all around the nation.


A famous and delicious savory pie that can be found in almost all bakeries of Albania. It contains cheese and meat as well.

Tavë Kosi:

A delicious quiche of meat and cheese.


Being a major dish in Turkey, this sweet dish is loved by Armenian as well as people from the Balkan regions.


Meatballs also known as kebabs are famous in the country and have an amazing blend of spices.


Sea food is loved and eaten by all Albanians, it is a major staple diet in the region and the fishes are from the Mediterranean Sea or the Ionian Sea.