15 Top Cities of Armenia - Best travel and holiday destinations

15 Top Cities of Armenia - Best travel and holiday destinations

Updated 28 Jan, 2020
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The magical country known as the land of churches has the oldest church in the world. Schools in Armenia have compulsory chess as a subject and the students also have to give exams.

Home for hundreds of bird species, Armenia shares borders with Georgia from the North, Azerbaijan from the East, Iran from the South and Turkey from the West.

Discover the best travel destinations and cities of Armenia for your next trip.

Abovyan (Northern gate of Yerevan)

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This city has a fascinating history and a beautiful location.

Things to do-
Saint Hovhannes Church: A Beautiful church located in the heart of Abovyan.

Casino Shangri La: Considered as one of the best casinos in town, the casino has a friendly staff and is a good place to enjoy and have fun with a group of people.

Ptghni Churchcentury, now the cathedral is in ruins but still is a peaceful and lovely place to visit.

Popular restaurants-
Mamoor Restaurant: Fancy plating and lovely food.

Cafe Central: A very pleasant and cozy restaurant, food is delicious and the café is famous for its amazing breakfast menu.

Baguette & Co: Brilliant bakery products, served very warm and fresh.

How to get in and around the city- Abovyan is located just 20 minutes from the capital, Yerevan.
Bus and mini bus services from Yerevan to Abovyan are available for tourists and locals 24 hours a day.


The city of Ararat is famous for its wine industries and the very well-known Mount Ararat.

Things to do-
Vazgen Sargsyan House-Museum: Interesting facts and information on Armenia.

Geghard Monastery: A gorgeous monastery and has a beautiful touristic spot.

Havuts Tar Monastery: A wonderful and magnificent monastery. Tourists can even hike up.

Popular restaurants-
Tushpa wine cellar: Armenia being one of the oldest wine producing country in the world has some of the best wine cellars and this one is truly amazing.

How to get in and around the city- The nearest airport from Ararat is the Yerevan airport (approximately 50 minutes) bus shuttles are available to get to Ararat.


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Armavir is a superb town with lots of major historic museums along with ruins and fascinating artifacts.

Things to do-
Ziarat Yazidi Temple: Fabulously built temple, very calm and peaceful.

Lake Ayger: Pretty Lake and an incredible view.

State Ethnographic Museum "Sardarapat": gorgeous museum was built after the victory of Armenia from the Turkish army.

Popular restaurants-
Stalinka: Authentic and tasty Armenian food.

Richmind Restaurant: Wonderful place that serves brilliant local dishes and has a good ambience.

Agape Refectory: Lovely seating arrangements and amazing food.

How to get in and around the city- From Yerevan there are electric buses, trains, taxis and rental cars to get to Armavir. The duration fromYerevan to Armavir is nearly 40-45 minutes and transport fares are not very


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Home to the mother monastery, this town has some breathtaking scenic locations and some beautiful churches.

Things to do-
Khor Virab: A breathtaking view of Mount Ararat in turkey, can be seen from this divine monastery.

Dvin Archaeological Site: Mostly ruins of the historical place but a nice and beautiful site.

Popular restaurants-
Ararat restaurant: A lovely fine dining restaurant with good ambience and food.

How to get in and around the city- There are vans and taxis that get to Artashat from Yerevan throughout the day. Taxis are available to travel around the city as well but most locals and tourists prefer getting to places by foot.


The city is home to the marvelous Sevan lake which is known as the jewel of Armenia, the lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Armenia.

Things to do-
Gutansar: An interesting nature walk and beautiful mountains.

Mayravank: Translated as ‘mother monastery’ in Armenian, the monastery is brilliantly built and is located near the Kotayk province.

Popular restaurants-
ATUN Tonratun: A wide range of traditional Armenian delicacies.

Bardiner: Casual diner with local and delicious dishes.

How to get in and around the city- There are train services as well as bus services going to Charentsavan
from Yerevan. Apart from this there are taxis and rental cars.


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The beautiful town of Garni has some outstanding cliffs and one cannot miss the spectacular view from the cliffs.

Things to do-
Temple of Garni: Being one of the major tourist attractions in town, the temple was built somewhere around the world.

Garni Gorge: A great hike to the beautiful canyons of Garni that have a stunning formation of rocks and an incredible view.

Kamienne organy: This nature preserve is a small walk from the Garni temple, a beautiful nature preserve, clean and pretty.

Popular restaurants-
HyeLandz: With an outstanding view, this a serene place to have an amazing meal. It is a rooftop restaurant with a fabulous view of the Garni Mountains.

Restaurant Sergey Gabrielyan: A wide range of menu. Lovely seating and amazing dishes served in good portions.

Noah's Garden Maran: The restaurant is open throughout the day and has some amazing wines along with fabulous Armenian dishes.

How to get in and around the city- There are many tourist stands at most of the tourist attractions of Garni. There are taxis, buses and rental cars available from Yerevan to Garni, although buses are the most affordable way to get in and around the town.


The local and authentic dishes are outstanding and delightful. The city also has monuments that are dedicated to the victims of the war.

Things to do-
Noratus Cemetery: The stunning cemetery is visited by thousands of tourists all round year. The stone rocks make the place fascinating.

Gavaraget: A marvelous river in Gavar.

Popular restaurants-
Ashot Erkat: This local Armenian restaurant has fabulous seafood and is located near the Sevan Lake.

Bashinjaghyan Restaurant: Located in a cute hut, the restaurant serves Mediterranean as well as European and Armenian cuisines and has a stunning view of the lake.

How to get in and around the city- There are trains, taxis, buses and rental cars available from Yerevan
to Gavar.

Gyumri (cultural capital)

Along with some fabulous and impressive historic museums the city of Gyumri has some beautiful and unique buildings.

Things to do-
Sev Berd: This monument is also known as black fort and is a remarkable historic fort.

Holy Saviour's Churchcentury, the church has an outstanding infrastructure.

Dzitoghtsyan Museum of National Architecture: It is a must to visit this museum to know about the history of Gyumri.

The Gallery of Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan Sister: This is a wonderful art museum with numerous galleries and incredible and unique paintings.

Popular restaurants-
Cherkezi Dzor: Amazing barbeque and lovely location.

Herbs & Honey Tea-Shop Restaurant: A spectacular place and beautiful ambiance. The food is brilliant and the restaurant has some amazing desserts.

Aregak Bakery & Café: Warm and soft bakery products served with a hot coffee.

How to get in and around the city- The Shirak airport is located just 5 kilometers from the center of Gyumri. There are trains, buses and taxis from Yerevan to Gyumri every day.


A stunning architecture and some fantastic Armenian restaurants will make you fall in love with the town. The town is very warm and cozy.

Things to do-
Leonid Yengibarov Monument: A beautiful story behind Leonid Yengibarov who was born is Moscow to a Russian father and an Armenian mother.

Makravank Monastery: Tombstones carved and designed fabulously. It is not very touristic and therefore not very crowded which makes it even more beautiful.

Saint Thaddeus Church: A marvelous Armenian church.

Tsaghkadzor ski resort: Located 10 minutes from Hrazdan is the town of Tsaghkadzor where the ski resort is very well known.

Popular restaurants-
Burmunq Restaurant: Tasty traditional Armenian food.

Siro Kayaran: A nice restaurant that serves authentic Armenian food.

How to get in and around the city- Buses from Yerevan to Hrazdan/ Tsaghkadzor. There are taxi services as well.


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The city of Ijevan has great monasteries and an amazing wine factory.

Things to do-
Yell Extreme Park: Adventurous Park with activities like zip lining and hiking.

Makaravank Monastery Complex: A historic place with interesting facts about the ancient times.

Ijevan wine factory: huge and lovely winery place and awesome wines

Tsrviz Chapel: Cute and small chapel in the middle of trees and nature.

Popular restaurants-
Ruzan café: A comfortable restaurant and a great location

Prestige M Chef Eco Fresh Food: Just like the name, the restaurants serves fresh and delicious food. It is a beautiful restaurant, worth a visit.

How to get in and around the city- Buses from Yerevan to Ijevan passing Dilijan are available. Walking or getting to places by taxi are one of the many convenient ways to get around the town


The city has a marvelous diversity of flora and fauna.

Things to do-
Vahanavank Monastery: beautiful monastery surrounded by mountains and tress.

Halidzor Fortress: medieval church amazingly built.

Mount Khustup: Great hike and picturesque views.

Popular restaurants-

Café elegant Kapan: Awesome food and a cozy atmosphere with fabulous staff.

Prince Resturen: The restaurant is in the center of Kapan and the food and drinks are great.

Restaurant Kamo: A small and simple restaurant but lovely food and helpful staff.

How to get in and around the city- One can rent a car from Yerevan which take 4-5 hours to Kapan.
Apart from this, there are taxis, vans (marshrutka), buses and even rental cars that have affordable prices. Biking and walking are the best ways to get around the city.

Sevan (largest lake)

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A beautiful and picturesque town. The lake is wonderful and the monastery overlooking the fabulous town is gorgeous.

Things to do-

Sevanavank: One of the oldest monasteries in Armenia, there is a beautiful view of the lake from the monastery.

Sevan Island: A wonderful place and outstanding scenery.

Sevan Lake: A huge and well known lake. Beautiful colors of the water makes it look even more amazing.

Popular restaurants-

Bohem Studio: A lively eastern European restaurant, beautiful décor and good food.

Sevans brewery: stunning place, friendly staff and awesome drinks.

Anchor Restaurante: great location and beautiful seating.

How to get in and around the city- Bus services and van services depart from Yerevan to Sevan several times a day. Trains from Yerevan are also available. To get around down, the best way is by foot but taxis are easily accessible too.


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The city is full of greenery and beautiful tall trees all around, there are some beautiful churches and great places to eat.

Things to do-

Etchmiadzin Cathedral: Also known as the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin is a gorgeous cathedral. It is very historic and is also one of the oldest cathedrals in the world.

Zvartnots Cathedral: Beautifully designed and an amazing location.

Saint Hripsime Churchcentury church and a spectacular UNESCO site.

Saint Gayane Churchcentury church. Here, every Saturday the church has traditional Armenian weddings.

Popular restaurants-
Tteni Restaurant: Located in an open garden, the restaurant has lovely seating arrangements and fabulous food.

Old Echmiadzin: Delicious food and helpful staff.

How to get in and around the city- In every 3o minutes buses from Yerevan leave for Vagharshapat. For getting to places around the city, there are buses, taxis and rental cars and bikes.


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The city has friendly locals and fabulous streets of local authentic restaurant.

Things to do-
Vanadzor Fine Arts Museum: The museum was found in the year 1974. There are wonderful displays of Armenian artwork.

Popular restaurants-
Edem national restaurant: Spectacular meals at completely affordable prices.

Izagri: Warm and cozy restaurant with some amazing Armenian dishes.

Lori: Delicious food and comfortable place with a pretty ambience.

How to get in and around the city- Trains, buses and taxis are available to get to the city from Yerevan. To get around town, one can get to the places by taxi or rental cars. Walking is also a good option.

Yerevan (food capital)

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The capital city has one of the best night life in the country. The city is known as the Pink city and has some fabulous and cheap flea markets for their visitors.

Things to do-
Republic Square: The place is a major tourist attraction in Yerevan. It is beautiful and lively and there is a lovely fountain and music during the night.

Yerevan Cascade: a ten minute walk from the republic square, the place has a soviet architecture and there are some amazing views of the city.

Matenadaran: A museum of ancient manuscripts. An interesting place with exhibits of old books and paintings.

Popular restaurants-
Lavash Restaurant: Beautiful ambience and absolutely delightful dishes on the menu.

Tavern Yerevan: Lively and fancy restaurant. Pretty interiors and good

How to get in and around the city- Yerevan being the capital of Armenia, has the biggest international airport. It is a major touristic city and therefore getting around town is not difficult as there are public buses and taxis at your service throughout the day.

Armenian delicacies

Ghapama: A traditional stuffed pumpkin dish or a pumpkin stew oftenprepared and eaten by Armenians during Christmas.

Kchuch: Vegetables mixed together into a casserole. Chicken, fish or beef are also added in this baked dish served in a clay pot.

Kololak: A soup that includes mutton stock, mutton dumplings, vegetables and rice are also added along with eggs stirred before serving.

Harissa: An Arabic dish served as a soup or porridge with chicken. Mostly eaten during the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Ishkhan: A trout that is found in the lake of Sevan. It can be cooked in different ways and tastes absolutely delicious.

Mas: A piece of leftover bread served at churches mostly after mass.

Armenia coffee: coffee in Armenia is not very different than the usual coffee but is strong and the beans are finely grounded.

Armenian Beer: Armenian beer is loved by men in the whole country. Local beer companies and factories have expanded in a quick time span due to the tourism in the country.

Average hotel prices in Armenia

Hotel prices can range from 38 euros/ 42 USD (2 star and 3 star) to 88 euros/ 92 USD (4 star and 5 star) onwards.