10 Top Cities of Belize - Best travel and holiday destinations

10 Top Cities of Belize - Best travel and holiday destinations

Updated 7 Apr, 2020
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Belize is a country in Central America, next to Guatemala which is bordered by Mexico on the northwest, and the Caribbean Sea on the east.

Belize is a tropical playground which is rich in culture and has some dense reserved forests. The country has a lot to offer starting from Mayan ruins, mountains, caves, to reefs and jungles.

The country is very scarcely populated and the people speak English as their first language. The best time to visit Belize is from late November to mid-April, during the country's dry season.

Now let us take a tour to the most exotic yet a beautiful coastline country in the world.

Belize City

location_on Belize City

The city is considered as the economic capital of the country. It is situated on the Caribbean seashore and once it was vanished in a hurricane. It was once the capital city of Belize. It has some really beautiful beaches which attract tourists throughout the year.

Things to do

  • Altun Ha

It is a Maya sight located at a distance of 31 miles from the city of Belize. The Maya sight is surrounded by lush greenery and forest which hosts different types of animals and birds.The sight hosts two principle plazas which consists of the crown jewels of Belize known as Maya Jade Head.

  • Belize barrier reef

It is the second largest Barrier Reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. It is a Barrier Reef system which is famous among tourists for snorkeling and scuba diving. The Barrier Reef is home to a large diversity of plants and animals which makes it an essential spot for the fishing industry in the country.

  • Goff's Caye

It is an island situated near the city of Belize.The island is situated right on the edge of the Belize Barrier Reef with a water level of 0.6 to 3 meter deep.

  • Museum of Belize

The museum was once used as a prison. It was built in the 19th century and restored and renovated in the year 2002 into a National Museum. It hosts some artifacts which date back to 3,000 year ago which belong to the Mayan Civilization.

  • Swing Bridge

It is a bridge located downtown Belize which connects North Belize to South Belize.

  • St. John's Cathedral

It is a church in Belize which is the oldest Anglican church in the Central America. It was built in the 19th century.

  • Nerie's II restaurant- Belizean food
  • Om Shanti Cafe- vegan food

Best month to visit

January and February

San Ignacio

location_on San Ignacio

San Ignacio is the second largest town in the country of Belize. It is situated on the banks of Macal River. The area around San Ignacio offers a delight to the tourists and therefore it is famous amongst them.

Things to do

  • Xunantunich

The word 'Xunantunich' means 'stone women' in English. It is a sight which hosts the second largest in Belize, 133 feet tall temple which attracts tourists. One can hike to the top and have a scenic view of the surrounding jungle from there. The ticket to get in is $10.

  • Big Rock Falls

It is a waterfall situated in the Mountain Ridge Forest Reserve which is near the town of San Ignacio. It has some naturally made pools for swimming and some spots for cliff jumping too.

  • Caracol

It is an another Maya ruin situated near the town. It takes around 2 and a half hour to reach the site from San Ignacio. It is located in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, situated on a high plateau. The site is one of the most challenging to reach but the road has some spectacular sceneries which makes the journey more fun.

  • 1000 feet waterfall

As the name suggests, it is a 1000 feet waterfall which is one of the most instagrammable site in Belize.

  • Cahal Pech

It is another Maya site situated in the Belize River valley at an uphill walk from the town. The architecture dates backs to 1500 and 1000 BC. It was a Maya settlement for more than 2000 years.

  • Barton Creek Cave

also called as the Blue Hole in the jungle. It is cave situated near the town which is filled with water. The water comes from the underground cave and the water is very blue. It is a famous tourist spot. If you follow the stream the water will take you down to another cave where you can click some instagramable pictures.

  • Guava Limb Cafe - International food
  • Canaida's - Belizean food

Corozal Town

location_on Corozal
Central square in Corozal city
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The town is located on in the northern Belize, on the border of Mexico. It is said that the town is built upon ancient Maya city. Corozal got destroyed in th ]e year 1955 by a hurricane and was rebuilt later, which makes it one the most organised towns in the country.

Things to do

  • Santa Rita

These are the ruins of the Ancient Mayan city which are located near the town of Corozal on the way to the Mexican border.

  • Sarteneja Village

The village is located is near the town, it is the second largest village in Belize. It is home to the largest fishing community in Belize.

  • Corozal House Of Culture

It is a museum situated on the waterfront. The museum gives a glimpse of Corozal’s history and the staff in the museum will help you to know more about it.

  • Shipstern Reserve

The reserve is considered as one of the ten most important nature reserves. The reserve is a protected area of 8700 hectares. It hosts some unique plant species which are found only in Belize and other types of forests.

  • Corozo's Blues

Best month to visit

January and February

Orange Walk Town

location_on Orange Walk
Clock tower
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Orange Walk is the fourth largest town in Belize. Its history dates back to the Maya Civilisation. It hosts the biggest Maya temple of the pre-classic period. The city is also called as "Sugar City".

Things to do

  • Lamanai

The word Lamanai is a Maya word which means "submerged crocodile". It is the only Maya site which carries its ancient name. It is the the fourth largest Maya site in Belize. One can reach there by road or by taking a boat by the river. It is recommended to take the boat because the flora and fauna on the way by water is wonderful.
Popular restaurants and food.

  • Rio Bravo Conservation and Nature Reserve

The conservation reserve was establish in the year 1998, it has a rich flora and fauna and hosts more than 70 mammal species.

  • Church of La Immaculata

Situated on the Church Street, La Immaculata is one of the oldest church in the town.

  • Banquitas House of Culture

It is a museum and cultural centre situated along the banks of New River. The museum showcases many Mayan artefacts, it also features a landscaped park, outdoor amphitheater, picnic areas and on-location dining in case you’re hungry.

  • Lamanai Riverside Restaurant
  • Paniscea Restaurant

Best month to visit



location_on Dangriga
Main Street of Dangriga city
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The city of Dangriga is also known as the Cultural Capital of Belize. It was once the second most populated city in Belize. The city is located in the southern Belize on the Caribbean coast. The city is famous for its punta music and other forms of Garifuna culture.

Things to do

  • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife century is a nature reserve established in the year 1986 to protect the flore, fauna of the area. The reserve is famous worldwide for its Jaguar preservation.

  • Mayflower Archeological Reserve

The national park is located in the southern Belize at a distance of 17 miles from the Dangriga town. One can experience many things in the reserve such as hiking, birding with a local guide, zipline, waterfall rappelling, discovering Mayan ruins.

  • Tobacco Caye

It is an island located 10 miles east to the town of Dangriga. The island is approximately 3 acres and is shaped like an egg. The number of permanent residents on the island is 20. The island is famous amongst tourists and it has several options for stays.

  • Royal Belize

It is a private island situated at an half hour boat ride from Dangriga. The island is a resort which has several villas which can host 10 adults and 6 children at a time. It has a policy of 1 guest at a time.

  • Thatch Caye

The island is located at a distance of 2km from the Belize Barrier Reef. It has a resort which hosts 30 people at a time and has 5 permanent residents.

  • Ivys Riverside Restaurant

Best month to visit


Punta Gorda

location_on Punta Gorda
Main Street of Punta Gorda
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The town is situated on the banks of Caribbean Sea and it is the southernmost town of Belize. It is a seaport and fishing town of the district. It experiences a tropical rainforest Amazon Basin like climate.

Things to do

  • Toledo Cacao Fest

The fest is held in the third week of May every year. It is to celebrate Toledo district’s connection with cocao and chocolate. The festival features local Belize cuisine, Belize and Maya arts, music and cultural presentations.

  • Lubantun

It is a Maya site which dates back to Maya classic era. It is situated at a distance of 42km from the town. The Toledo Cocao festival is moved to this site on its second day.

  • Cotton tree lodge

It is a resort located at a distance of 19km from the Punta Gorda town. It has facilities such as restaurant with local food, daily tours, on ground activities. The resort is eco friendly and most of the work is done using solar energy.

  • Nim Li Punit

It is a Classic Maya Period site located at distance of 40km from the Punta Gorda town. The sites also called as ‘Big hat’ or ‘Top Hat’ because of the sculptures depicting an ancient king’s headdress.

  • The perfect caper
  • Perch 360
  • Laishley Crab house

Best month to visit



location_on Belmopan
Houses in Belmopan
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Belmopan is the capital city of Belize. It is one the newest capital cities in the world. It became the capital city in the year 1970 after the Hurricane Hattie hit and nearly destroyed the town of Belize which was the former capital of the country. The city experiences a tropical monsoon climate, it rains from the month of May to February and the remaining two months are dry.

Things to do

  • Guanacaste National Park (GNP)

The national park is located at a distance of 5km from the city of Belmopan. It offers different types of activities to the visitors such as swimming, bird watching, picnicking, nature trails. The entry fees for Nationals is BZ $1 and for Internationals BZ $5.

  • Billy Barquedier National Park

The national park is located at a distance of 39km from the Belmopan city. It lies between the Mullins River and Stann Creek watersheds. One can do activities like bird watching and hiking trails.

  • St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park

The names of the national park comes from a pool situated in the park which has blue water. The park has a lot to offer such as two caves named as Herman and Crystal, nature trails and the jungle pool.

  • Five Blues Lake National Park

The national park is located at a distance of 46km from the Belmopan city. The national park was established in the year 1991. It has several species of birds, wild cats and bats.

  • Everest Indian Restaurant
  • Cheers Restaurant and Cabanas

Best month to visit

March and April


location_on Placencia
Beach in Placencia
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The village of Placencia is located on the southeastern side of Belize. The village is said to have the best beaches in Belize country. The village is famous for fishing and calm, beautiful beaches.

Things to do

  • Gladden Spit Marine Reserve

The Marine Reserve was established in the year 2000 to protect the underwater life, especially the feeding sites of whale sharks. The site is famous worldwide for Whale Sharks coming here to feed their eggs. One can take a guided tour to this site’s general use zone and enjoy snorkelling in the month of April, May and June.

  • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

The nature reserve is located at a distance of 1 hour from the village of Placencia. One can take a day tour to this reserve while staying in the village. Researchers have found evidence of Mayan ruins in this area.

  • Placencia Lobster Festival

The festival is held in the month of June every year and it draws a lot of tourists to the village each time. It is to celebrate the opening of fishing season. The festival includes lobster as its main dish and there are other things like games, painting faces, live music and dance.

  • Laughing Bird Caye

It is an island located at a distance of 11 miles from the Placencia village. It was declared as a national park in the year 1991. It is spread in the area of 1.8 acres. The island was named after a bird called as Laughing Gull or Larus Artricilla, which used to breed on the island.

Best month to visit


Where to stay?

  • Chabil Mar

Fact about Placencia
The “Guinness Book of World Records” recognised the Main Street of Placencia as the narrowest main street in the world.


location_on Hopkins
Street of Hopkins
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Hopkins is a small village located along the Caribbean Sea. It is a fishing village which is a representation of the Garinagu Culture. One can enjoy many water activities and also learn about the Garinagu Culture while in the village.

Things to do

  • Visiting Garinagu People

The Garinagu people arrived in the country of Belize in the early 19th century. They were brought in as slaves by the British Rulers at that time. They have preserved and cherished their culture all these years and it is very fascinating to visit the, and learn about their culture by themselves.

  • Mayflower Bocawina National Park

The national park is located at a distance of 20 minutes from the village. It is home to broadleaf forest, mesmerising waterfalls, 200 species of birds and many more. One can enjoy activities like bird watching, zip lining through the jungle and waterfall rappelling here.

  • Singanga Restaurant
  • Driftwood Beach Bar & Pizza Shack

Best month to visit


San Pedro

location_on San Pedro

A ferry ride will take you the town of San Pedro which is surround by blue crystal clear water, and has some spectacular sights to visit around.

Things to do

  • Secret beach west side

There is a secret beach situated on the west side of the town. One can find many restaurants and party places there.

  • Basketball court- besides the ocean

If you're interested in sports then there's a really cool basketball court situated right next to the ocean where you can play a quick match of basketball with the locals and have some fun plus exercise on the way.

  • Hol chan marine reserve

It is a marine reserve near the town of San Pedro. You will need a tour guide to get to the reserve. it will cost $30 usd to see the marine life. The reef is so colorful and if you're lucky enough then you can spot a shark here. The reserve is a paradise for those who love snorkeling and swimming in the ocean.

  • The great blue hole- giant hole in the middle of the ocean

The hole is located under light house reef, it is 1000 feet wide and 400 feet deep. One can take a boat ride from San Pedro or a plane ride in which you can see the blue hole from the sky.

  • Caye Caulker

It is an island situated right next to San Pedro. It is a 5 mile island with the highest elevation of 8 feet high. In 1961 hurricane Haiti split the island into 2 parts so there’s a channel that runs between the north and the south island. Sunsets are absolutely stunning with cotton candy skies and blue water here on the island.

Where to stay ?

  • Paradise on the cay hotel San Pedro