15 Top Cities of Venezuela - Best travel and holiday destinations

15 Top Cities of Venezuela - Best travel and holiday destinations

Updated 23 Jan, 2020
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Tourism in Venezuela had come down in the past years due to the political unrest. Gradually the tourism in the country is picking up again and the people of Venezuela are making sure that the political situation does not affect tourism. There are also some true travel buffs who visit this beautiful country for all that it
has to offer. What’s the most intriguing part about this lovely country is that it is a small country compared to the rest but it has a jungle, dessert, snow, and mind-blowing beaches!

Let’s have a look at some of the most beautiful and touristic cities of Venezuela.


location_on Barquisimeto

The city of Barquisimeto is famous for its modern cathedral. The Barquisimeto museum is also one of the top sites that shouldn’t be missed.

Things to do in Barquisimeto

  • Cathedral de Barquisimeto: One of the most important churches in Venezuela. Beautiful architecture and an amazing history of the cathedral
  • Monumento Manto de Maria Divina Pastora: a calm and peaceful place to be at. The monument is incredible.
  • Parque Zoologico y Botanico Bararida: the park is a fun and adventurous place for family, friends and children. There are lots of species of animals like rhinos, monkeys, elephants, tigers, zebras and many more.
  • La Flor de Venezuela: a lovely spot where you can see the whole city of Barquisimeto.
  • Mi Vagon: A local South American restaurant serving international and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Restaurant Caffe 90: amazing Venezuelan and South American delicacies.
  • La Nova Grill: awesome grilled meat and steaks and many more contemporary dishes.

How to get in and around Barquisimeto

Barquisimeto has its own international airport, the Jacinto Lara International Airport situated 4 kilometers from the center. There are bus terminals, taxis and rental cars available as well. There are no trains in Venezuela.


location_on Canaima
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The village of canaima is only known for its vast and beautiful national park that has some interesting sites
and views.

Things to do-

  • Angel falls: known as the world’s highest waterfall is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The falls are beautiful and the view is serene.
  • Salto El Sapo: walking under the Sapo falls is an amazing feeling. The falls are lovely and magical.
  • Monte Roraima: a mind-blowing hike and a beautiful scenery.
  • La Gran Sabana: a fantastic place and amazing view.

There are not many restaurants in Canaima national park. Since it is in the state of Bolivar the restaurants mentioned in Bolivar can be referred for Canaima as well.

How to get in and around the city-

One can get to the national park by flying to the Canaima village (Canaima airport) which is 50 kilometers from the park. There are boat fares available too.


location_on Caracas
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Caracas is the capital of Venezuela. The city is modern and developed and the locals here are friendly and helpful. The city has a lot of things to do and you will surely have a fantastic time here.

Things to do-

  • Expanzoo Expansion Centro Educativo Recreacional: a great and famous zoo of Caracas. The zoo has a lot of species and tourists can spot the animals from a great spot and close view.
  • Teleferico: the teleferico rides to the Avila Mountain over the enchanting city of Caracas. The marvelous view of nature will take your breath away.
  • Plaza de Altamira: a very popular square of Caracas. Beautiful fountains and lovely architecture. A pleasant place to sit, enjoy and relax.
  • Centro de Arte Los Galpones: a gorgeous art gallery, some amazing bookstores and coffee shops.
  • Casa Natal & Museo Bolivar: an important historic museum is dedicated to honor Simon Bolivar, known as the “El Liberator”. He achieved independence f for Venezuela and other South American countries from the kingdom of Spain.
  • Paseo de Los Proceres: public ceremonies take place at this center but on a bright sunny day you can see bikers, joggers and skaters. A beautiful complex.
  • Panteon Nacional: great architecture. The building stores the ashes of great and famous personalities of Venezuela.
  • La Isabela: brilliant place, serves hot, tender and deliciously flavored South American meat dishes.
  • Hato grill: a brilliant steakhouse. The restaurant has amazing South American dishes. Excellent meat quality and has some of the best Venezuelan dishes.
  • La Cita: seafood restaurant with superb South American restaurant and helpful staff.

How to get in and around the city-

Caracas being the capital of the country has its own international airport. To get around the city, the easiest and most convenient way is public transportation or walking. Taxis are great transport commodities as well.

Catia La Mar

location_on Catia La Mar
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The gorgeous city of Catia La Mar has beautiful beaches, restaurants and cafes. The city has a lot to offer and has very friendly locals.

Things to do-

  • Club Marina Grande: a great get away place for spending time at the beach with family, children and friends. The beach is very pretty and clean.
  • Castillo Las Salinas: this gorgeous castle of Catia la Mar is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. An old castle and interesting facts about the history of the country.
  • Playa Marina Grande: a wonderful and well known beach in the city.
  • El Meson Del Faro: a great place to enjoy delicious Spanish delicacies as well as some brilliant seafood.
  • La fosforera: authentic Venezuelan and South American food, the staff is friendly and helpful.
  • Restaurante Rompeolas: amazing food and beautiful ambiance.

How to get in and around the city-

the nearest airport to this city is the Maiquetia airport. Taxis, public buses, metros and rental cars are some of the best ways to get around the town. Taxis are a cheap form of transportation in Venezuela.


location_on Choroni

Choroni is a small beautiful beach destination. Tourists can enjoy fun and adventurous water activities like kayaking and snorkeling.

Things to do-

  • Playa Ensenada de Tuja: a great place to enjoy a picnic at this lovely beach surrounded by palm trees.
  • Playa Uricao: a calm and peaceful beach, not very crowded and very clean and clear waters.
  • Madera Fina: known as one of the best restaurants in Choroni, serves brilliant seafood and Caribbean delicacies. One should definitely have a meal in this restaurant while on their visit to Choroni.
  • Cayene: the restaurant is famous for its fish dishes and amazing wine selection.
  • Pacos pizza: the staff is friendly and helpful and the pizzas are served hot and delicious.

How to get in and around the city- the nearest airport is the Maracaibo airport, one can get a taxi, bus or a rental car to Choroni. Walking is a convenient way in this town.

Ciudad Bolivar

location_on Ciudad Bolívar

The city of Bolivar is a wonderful city with interesting history and great places to visit.

Things to do-

  • Plaza Bolivar: a nice and well maintained plaza in Bolivar. Lots of things to do and a beautiful place to walk around.
  • Paseo Orinoco: a beautiful view and a great place to catch sunsets.
  • Museo de Arte Jesus Soto: a brilliant museum and interesting pieces of art.
  • Restaurant Tepuy: a beautiful atmosphere and amazing food.
  • Sarrapia: a nice dining place with good food and ambience.
  • Tony Roma’s: an American restaurant and great food.

How to get in and around the city-

Ciudad Bolivar has its own airport, Tomas de Heres Airport. There are planes flying here regularly from some of the major cities including Caracas. Apart from this, there are buses
available from these cities every day to get to Ciudad Bolivar. Walking is a good option in this city but the best way to get around the town is by taxi.

Coro (oldest city)

location_on Coro

Oldest city in Venezuela, very important and historic.

Things to do-

  • Medanos de Coro National Park: a lovely national park and very picturesque place.
  • Cathedral Basilica of St. Ann: Beautiful cathedral, very calm and peaceful.
  • Cruz de San Clemente: it is a historic monument, known as the site where the first catholic mass took place
  • Centro Historico de Coro: clean and peaceful Centre.

Popular restaurants-

  • Hotel Amazonia: delicious South American cuisine and a good atmosphere.
  • Pizzeria la barra Del jacal: great pizza restaurant. Lovely soft and warm baked bread.

How to get in and around the city-
one can get to Coro by bus or car or fly to the airport of Falcon. Getting around can be done by car, taxi or walking.

Guayana city

location_on Guayana City

The city is great and has beautiful architecture and forests. It has lots of sugar cane plantations and gold reserves.

Things to do-

  • La Llovizna Park: beautiful Nature Park.
  • Llovizna Falls: lovely falls. The falls are huge and incredible.
  • Parque La Navidad: a beautiful and popular park, great for kids.

Popular restaurants-

  • Tasca Restaurant Jai-Alai: lovely Spanish food and drinks.
  • La Posada de Chiquito: spectacular food and lovely ambience.
  • Chiquito’s Pasteleria: great salads and dishes. The place is beautiful and the sweet dishes are amazing.

How to get in and around the city- you can get here by bus or car. You can get around town by a bus or taxi but there are some sights where you can only get there by taxi.

Los Roques

location_on Los Roques

A chain of islands in the Caribbean Sea that are a part of Venezuela. The islands are beautiful and is truly a paradise.
Things to do-
El Faro: tourists mostly go her when the weather is pleasant and not too hot. It’s a beautiful place and lovely place to click pictures.
Rabusqui: a lovely beach. Calm and beautiful.
Popular restaurants-

  • Casa Pakea: a great European restaurant and lovely food.

How to get in and around the city- there are flights available from Caracas and Margarita Island to Gran Roque in small planes. There are no ferry services but there are private yachts for rental. People can get around by foot (the most convenient way) but there are also carts available.


location_on Maracaibo

The second largest city. It has beautiful architecture and lovely homes.
Things to do-

  • Basilica of Our Lady of Chiquinquira: a lovely cathedral with beautiful architecture. The cathedral looks amazing at night with the lights.
  • Vereda Del Lago: a beautiful park in the city that overlooks the sea. a great place for family and kids with lots of fun activities.
  • Plaza Del Rosario de Nuestra Senora de La Chiquinquira: beautiful architecture and a lovely and peaceful place.

Popular restaurants

  • Mi Vaquita: good food and lovely staff. Amazing steaks and barbeque.
  • Caribe concert: a wonderful restaurant with delicious Venezuelan, Latin and Spanish cuisine.
  • Antica: Fancy plating of dishes and lovely seating. The restaurant serves brilliant wine and has Italian,Mediterranean as well as international dishes.

How to get in and around the city- Maracaibo has its own airport. Getting around the town of Maracaibo is easy, there are public buses, taxis and rental cars available all throughout the day.

Margarita Island (top beach destination)

location_on Isla Margarita
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With more than 50 beaches, this serene island is just magical. The colors of the sea and the clean and clear beaches make it a tourist destination that no one can miss.
Things to do-

  • Playa El Agua: one of the most popular beach on the island. There are lots of shacks, bars and restaurants on the whole strip of the beach.
  • Laguna de La Restinga: a lovely and interesting national park
  • Isla de Coche: a calm and peaceful fishing island. The island offers numerous activities and has a beautiful beach named Playa la Punta.
  • San Carlos de Borromeo Fortress: a beautiful castle with some interesting history and facts.
  • Basilica of Our Lady of El Valle: a sacred and peaceful cathedral beautifully designed and magnificent interiors.

Popular restaurants-

  • Casa caranta: great food and drinks. The service is quick and good.
  • Restaurant El Remo: a great selection of menu and cocktails. Helpful staff.
  • El Fondeadero: casual dining, pretty ambience and lovely food.

How to get in and around the city- you can fly to the Del Caribe-Santiago Marino Caribbean international airport or get to the island by a ferry. There are buses, rental cars and taxis to get around.

Merida (Major tourist Centre)

location_on Merida
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A small and lovely town. Beautiful roads and great views.

Things to do-

  • Mukumbari Merida Cable car system: the longest and highest cable car. It is an incredible experience and gorgeous views from the cable car. The ride is lovely
  • Botanical Garden of Merida: a calm and peaceful park with lovely species of flowers and an amazing path to walk.
  • Chorros de Milla Zoo: a great zoological park for kids and various fun activities.

Popular restaurants-

  • Pastelitos La Parroquia: one of the best restaurants in town to have pastels. The pastels are hot and crunchy
  • and deliciously flavored. The restaurant also serves other South American dishes.
  • Paramo grill: a lovely steakhouse with great Venezuelan cuisine.

How to get in and around the city- nearest airport is the Alberto Carnevalli airport. Daily buses from Barinas, Maracay and Caracas are available as well as taxis. There are taxis and buses to get around town.

Paraguana peninsula

location_on Paraguaná Peninsula

Fantastic beaches and amazing restaurants, this place is just exuberant.

Things to do-

  • Cabo san Roman: a lovely scenery of the sea and a great place to spend the day on a pleasant summer evening.
  • Sambil Paraguana: it is a shopping Centre that is wonderfully built and the architecture is brilliant, the stores and restaurants are nice.

Popular restaurants-

  • Habaneros Tex Mex: a Mexican and American restaurant with great food.
  • Restaurant y Marisqueris pa’ Carirubana: great place to enjoy sea food and Venezuelan cuisine.

How to get in and around the city- the city is closest to Coro, one can get here by bus or taxi.

Puerto Cabello

location_on Puerto Cabello

The city has a lovely architecture and great sites.

Things to do-

  • Isla Larga: beautiful beach and clean and clear waters. Lovely place to enjoy and soak in the sun.
  • San Esteban National Park: the national park has great waterfalls and beautiful sceneries and wonderful nature trails.
  • Fortin Solano: the view is breathtaking and the place gives a very peaceful vibe.
  • Patanemo Bay: a stunning beach to catch some amazing waves.

Popular restaurants-

  • Marchica: incredible seafood and grilled meat dishes. A wide range of menu and good quantity of food.
  • El Panal Pasteleria: a cute local store to enjoy delicious pastels.
  • Bar restaurant El Galeon: a seafood specialty restaurant. The friendly staff serves the dishes in a beautifully presented way.

How to get in and around the city- located near the city of Valencia, one can get here by bus, rental car or taxi.


location_on Valencia

The beautiful location of this modern city of Valencia will definitely make you fall in love with the city.

Things to do-

  • Fernando Penalver Park: a lovely park in the city with wonderful flora and fauna.
  • Parque Negra Hipolita: a great park to walk and play for kids.
  • Valencia’s aquarium: the aquarium has a wonderful dolphin show that takes place daily.

Popular restaurants-

  • Atmosfera: great pastries.
  • Q’Arepas: an amazing place for breakfast that serves brilliant South American delicacies.

How to get in and around the city- Valencia has its own international airport; Arturo Michelena (VLN). The airport has taxi and rental car counters. There are bus connections from other major cities as well. Getting around town can be done by bus, taxi or underground metros.


the most famous traditional Venezuelan dish is this corn based bread. The dish can be fried, baked or grilled.

a popular street food. It is a dish like pastel that is stuffed with chicken or beef. Can be fried or baked.

Pabellón Criollo:
known popularly as the National dish of Venezuela. It is like a whole meal that’s consists of meat, white rice, black beans and fried plantain. The dish is served with a lovely topping of shredded cheese.

Tres Leches:
a fabulous sponge cake made up of three types of milk (condensed, evaporated and regular) with a lovely topping.

fried cheese sticks that look like cream rolls. These sticks are served with amazing dips.

Mostly, Tequenos are with this famous and incredible avocado based dip.

this is a popular Christmas dish that is made with all kinds of meat.

Best time to visit Venezuela

Tourists mostly opt to visit this country during dry season that is from November to April. This is the best time since there is less amount of rainfall and the weather is pleasant and warm.

Average Hotel prices in Venezuela

Hotel prices average start
from 38 euros/42 USD to 125 euros/140 USD onwards.