19 Best Travel Packing Tips, Tricks, Hacks and List

19 Best Travel Packing Tips, Tricks, Hacks and List

Updated 21 Feb, 2020
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Packing for the trip is a big responsibility, and it can make or break the peace of mind while traveling. It becomes quite stressful to remember all the necessary things to pack and if you forget some important things, you may face a huge problem in an unknown place.

Find the most important packing tip at the end of the article.

Knowing about the all important things to pack is a must for a safe and best journey, read along to find amazing packing tips and tricks for your next holiday.

Pack the necessities and important items first

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pack necessary items for your travel

The first thing you should pack while going for traveling is all of your necessary documents and existential things you will need.

Carefully pack all your travel documents including passports, boarding passes, tickets, your identity proofs, reservation tickets, travel insurance documents etc.

Also, pack all the stuff which you can not stay good without, that includes your wallet, glasses, medicine, camera (if you love photography), food ( if you have an allergy toward new food), credit cards, smart phone etc.

Check the weather of your destination

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pack for rain and snow while travelling

You may feel questionable while reading the tip but knowing about the weather of your destination will help you in an indirect way.

If the weather of your destination is going to be

*Wet and rainy, you can pack your umbrella, raincoat, water-proof shoes in advance

*Hot and sunny, you can pack sunglasses, shorts, sunscreen etc.

*Snowy and cold, you may pack your warm clothes, sweater, overcoat, moisturiser etc.

Carry the right sized luggage

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carry right size luggage while traveling

Traveling with which is both convenient and sufficient is essential. So one of the most important travel tips will be to pack lighter and in bags of right size.

Different airlines have different rules and restrictions regarding the size of the luggage and the weight of your luggage. Airlines will charge you extra while checking in if you don’t follow these rules and regulations about hand luggage and check-in luggage size, weight and quantities.

There are different types of travel bags like rolling luggage, wheel bag packs, weekender, duffel bags, travel totes etc. You can choose a bag that will be convenient and also holds all your stuff.

Keep frequently used items in accessible pockets

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Keep frequently used items in accessible pockets while traveling

Lot of items like travel documents, perfumes, lip balms, medicines etc are frequently accessed throughout the trip.

Pack these items in accessible pockets and handbags, so that you don’t have to rummage deep into your luggage and mess up all your organised packing.

Utilize every space of your bag

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Utilise all places of your bag to pack well

A big sized bag is not necessary if you utilize each and every space of your backpack. Just take a look around to find some space you can use.

For example, the space in shoes can be used to pack small rings, belts, socks, gloves or even your wallet. This will not only reduce the space requirement but also help in keeping things safe. The shape of your shoe will be maintained too.

The empty containers can be used to place shirts, t shirts, bracelets, sunglasses, belts and thus space will be used in an optimum way.

You can also hang your jackets or extra shoes outside from your backpack hooks.

Pack according to duration of your vacation

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Pack according to duration of your vacation

Before starting your packing for your travel, take a note of the number of days you are going to stay at the place you are going. This will help you in packing the right number of your clothes and accessories as per the duration of your trip.

You will be saved from the burden of extra weight of too many clothes and you will also not face shortage of clothes in the destination and you won’t have to repeat the same clothes in your tour.

Avoid over packing by going for mix and match clothes

Avoid over packing by going for mix and match clothes and shoes

The most of the space in the suitcase is taken by the clothes and it also takes much time to pack them.

Try to pack a jeans and tops or shirts which you can match with those jeans. Carry one comfortable shoe rather than carrying different shoes for different outfits.

This will not only save your time but also the space of the luggage and it will be easy to carry it.

Pack as per the purpose of your travel

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Pack as per the purpose of your travel

This tip will not only help you in packing but also save money against a surprise purchase at touristy rates. You should know the purpose for which you are going for traveling.

If you are going for a business meeting, don’t forget to pack your business attire, your report, files etc.

On an adventure trip, don’t forget your ski gear, surf boards.

For beach destinations, remember to pack swimsuits and swimming gear.

Fold your clothes in a right way

Fold your clothes in a right way

This is a great travel packing trick to save the space in your backpack for more stuff.

You may know the fact that the traditional method of folding clothes takes more space. Hence you must fold your clothes in a different way. You can roll your jeans and t shirts.

There are different types of folding like inter-folding, bundle packing, rolling and more which are used to fold different types of clothes and also helps in saving the space while packing them in the suitcase.

Don’t carry things that will be available at the destination

Don’t carry things that will be available at the destination and hotels

If you are going to stay at a good hotel, don’t pack things which will be available in your room, for example hair dryer, towels, bathrobe, and cosmetics.

Also, a lot of branded cosmetics and personal care products are available at standard rates across the world, so you can skip packing these.

Don’t lose out on opportunity to buy some local goods available in your travel destination.

Pack travel sized toiletries and other stuff

Pack travel sized toiletries and other stuff

If you want to take your own toiletries, you do not need to pack all of your containers and toiletries in your bag.

You don’t need to carry big sized containers of shampoo, perfumes, juice, soap and other stuff.

Carry small containers according to the length of your trip. You will also be able to save space, and travel within the luggage limits of the airlines.

Pack liquids carefully

Pack liquids carefully while traveling

You will not want to spoil all of your clothes, accessories and other stuff just because of leaking out of liquid. You have to be extra careful while packing the liquids.

Some people also prefer placing small plastic cover on the top of the bottle caps to avoid the leakage of the liquids.

Airlines also have restrictions on the amount of liquids (usually 3.4 ounce or 100 millilitres per item) you can carry with you. Pack all of liquids in a transparent plastic zippered bag, this will help you move fast across the security check before boarding your flights.

Don’t pack dirty shoes and clothes

Don’t pack dirty shoes and clothes while traveling

Try to not carry the shoes and clothes which are dirty. They will make all the other things smelly and dirty.

Pack them separately, if you do not have much time to wash them and you also want to take these dirty clothes and shoes.

Be extra careful if packing expensive items

Be extra careful if packing expensive items

You will have to be extra cautious while packing expensive items like jewellery, expensive smartphone, premium products etc. You should avoid carrying expensive items as far as possible.

Keep your small-sized expensive items with yourself in a purse, wallet or waist pouch.

Keep an eye on your carry over luggage, during security scan. Never put your expensive items in check-in luggage.

Expensive items also draw unwanted attention and will increase the chances of getting mugged or

Lay everything out

Lay everything out and check before packing

Once packing is done, unpack and lay everything out in front of you. This tip is not to increase your work but to let you review your packing.

You will be able to review what you have forgotten to pack from the checklist you prepared before starting your packing.

Pack the items you missed earlier now. Keep the items you will need at the start of your trip on the top.

Don’t pack your airport outfit you are going to wear those.

Follow the TSA 3 1 1 rule

Follow the TSA 3 1 1 rule while travel

The best travel packing hack will be to follow the TSA 3 1 1 rule. With the use of this rule, you will be able to pack all your liquids, lotions and potions while following the airlines restrictions.

3 says that travelers must carry the creams, gel, aerosols and liquids in containers of 3.4 oz or 100 ml or smaller.

1 says that these items must fit into 1 clear plastic bag and the other 1 says that only 1 bag per one passenger is allowed.

You must follow this famous rule for an international travel packing to help you save time during security check.

Leave some space free in your luggage

Leave some space free in your luggage

The last packing hack for your travel will be to leave some space left in your suitcase.

You will certainly purchase something or the other in your trip and you won’t want any chaos in your bag just because of absence of adequate space.

You will regret not having extra space in your bag, if you found some souvenirs in flea markets for yourself or to bring back as a gift for your loved ones.

You can also carry a foldable bag along with you to meet these unforeseen situations.

Travel with no cabin luggage - single most important packing tip

Travel with only hand luggage

Traveling only with hand luggage or carry-over luggage is not easy. But, the advantages of not having any check-in luggage are immense.

  • Avoid check-in queues:: No more standing in luggage drop queues. Do a web check-in and straight go for the security check and then board the flight.

  • Never lose check-in baggage: At times, the airline forget your check-in baggage in the starting or layover airport. This is a very bad situation to be in if you need something urgently from your checked-in luggage.

  • Save time post arrival: Waiting to pick your luggage after arrival is a huge waste of time, you can use these extra 20-30 minutes to explore the city.

Pro Tip: Start your travel with carry on luggage, and a small foldable bag. By the end of the trip, since you weren’t able to control your shopping urges, you will have more items to pack. During the final leg of your trip, use your foldable bag as carry on luggage, and check-in your old carry on luggage.

Caution: Check the airline luggage restrictions. Lot of low-cost airlines are very strict about the size and weight of carry-over luggage, and charge a huge penalty in case of non-compliance

Make your packing list in advance and review it

Make your packing list in advance and review it

The best packing tip so that you don’t forget any thing to pack in your backpack is to make a list of all necessary items you want to carry or you need there.

Give a fair time thinking about all the things you will need in your travel. See the checklist below for sample packing list.

  • Essential Items and documents
    Photo ID
    Driver’s License
    Credit cards / Debit cards / Forex cards
    Smartphone and charger
    Power Bank
    Tickets and Reservation slips for Flights and Hotel ( prefer soft copy, and save paper)
    Prescription medicines
    Eye glasses or lens

  • In flight or commute comfort items
    Neck Pillow
    Noise Cancellation Headphones
    Sleeping eye mask and Ear plugs
    Water Bottle
    Change of Clothes
    Books / Magazines
    Laptop / iPad
    Pen and Notebook

  • Toiletries and Beauty
    Dental Floss
    Body Lotion
    Face wash
    Face Cream
    Deodorant and Antiperspirant
    Nail Paints
    Makeup products
    Hair Brush
    Hair Dryer
    Hair Serum / Oil
    Hair Curling Iron
    Hair Razors
    Hair Removal cream

  • Clothing and Accessories
    Shirts / T-Shirts / Tops
    Shorts/ Trousers / Skirts
    Party Dresses
    Night wear
    Inner wear
    Sneakers / Boots / Loafers
    Sandals/ Flats
    Formal Dress (for business trips)
    Shower cap
    Key chain

  • Weather Specific items
    Sweater/ Jacket / Coat
    Water proof boots

  • Health and Wellness
    Vitamin Pills
    Over the counter medicine for treating Fever, Upset Stomach, Cold, Allergy, Nausea
    Prescription medicines recommended by your doctor
    Vaccinations (if applicable based on your destination)
    Sanitary Pads / Tampons

  • Activity specific items
    Snorkeling gear
    Swim wear
    Skiing gear
    Camera, lens and Stand

Additionally, you can also maintain a list of things you want to brig back from your trip.