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Arikamedu is a must visit for History buffs ! Know the history of this trading port and study its ruins, this experience provides a break from the beaches in Pondicherry.
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About Contact Location
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Arikamedu is an archaeological site currently under ASI (Archaeological Survey of India). Arikamedu was one of the most important and prominent trading ports of India with the Roman Empire dated as early as 2 BC. This place also finds a mention in Periplus Maris Erythrian which is basically the trade route map of the Roman Empire.
Source: Nshivaa
Wine seems to have been a major import as suggested by traces of excavated Amphora jars. Yavanas and wine have been mentioned in the same breath in Tamil literature. Besides wine, Garam masala and Olive oil were also imported. The exports must have included textile, beads, semiprecious gems, glass and shell bangles as wastage at the manufacturing site suggests. Even today if one looks carefully, after heavy rains, one can find beads on the bank of the river.
The best time to visit Arikamedu when the climate is very pleasant is during the months extending from October to March. Apart from historical significance, Arikamedu is a place clustered with Coconut and Mango Trees and serves as a retreat for nature lovers.


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