Elephant Stables Hampi

hampi, india

Ancient Ruins , History and Culture , Monuments
Elephant Stables used to be a place where war elephants used to be kept and fed. This is the least destroyed building in Hampi.
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About Contact Location
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Though most of the structures and monuments in Hampi were built using the Vijayanagara style of architecture, a few structures display the Indo-Islamic style as well, The Elephant Stables is one of them.
Elephant Stables has a row of eleven huge domed chambers. Each chamber is large enough to accommodate two elephants at a time. The uniqueness about the elephant stable is that it has a distinct central dome. The central dome is the largest and most decorated among the 11 domes of the building.
The elephant stable is among one of the few least destroyed buildings in Hampi. Although faded and weakened with time, it is still in a firm condition, more than 600 years after it was constructed.


Nittawela Road Kandy Kandy Central Province Sri Lanka
City center: Hampi
Nearest airport: Hubballi Airport

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