salzburg, austria



salzburg, austria

Famous for: Fashion, Street Market, Food and Drinks, Shopping
The famous shopping lane, Getreidgasse, is a place to be for fashion freaks as well as food lovers. Also take a picture with advertisement signs to capture the perfect moments.
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Well known for the architecture of houses, Getreidegasse is also known as a famous shopping lane of Salzburg. This street draws visitors with its wide selection of international fashion chains, traditional shops and a broad range of dining opportunities.


One of the interesting highlights of this street is its ornamental and elaborate guild signs protruding from the building facades. The Wieber shop in the Getreidegasse is a traditional metal working business which manufactures these “advertising signs” by hand. Also, every day, one can see the famous "puppet woman" with her brown basket on this street who has been selling puppets there since 1987.


Getreidegasse lanes are also famous for interconnecting buildings, the front and back of the buildings let directly out onto different streets, with covered passageway connecting the two. The most famous of these is at the Schatz House, leading from No. 3 Getreidegasse to University Square.




Houses in Getreidegasse are characterised by public thoroughfare, which used to fulfill the purpose of getting to the water, the Salzach  faster. Another characteristic worth noticing is that the windows and the main doors get smaller and smaller from the first floor upwards.




Getreidegasse extends beyond Linzergasse and houses plenty of small shops varying from jewelry, antiques, delicacies to perfumeries. You will not get the variety of small shops here but also many exclusive shops in Salzburg such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Swarowski and more. In Getreidegasse, you can also explore the original Salzburg Mozartkugeln, which is a must try confection here.




The Schatz Haus is a passageway leading from Getreideg. No 3 to University Square and it is considered as the most frequented passageway. Here you will find an impressive relief portraying the Madonna with Child is located in a dark niche.




Located on the third floor of No. 9 Getreidegasse in Salzburg. Mozart’s Birthplace has been converted into a museum, introducing visitors to the early life of the composer, his first musical instruments, his friends, and his passionate interest in opera. You can see Mozart’s childhood violin as well as portraits, documents, and early editions of his music on the third floor. the second floor is devoted to Mozart's interest in opera and includes the clavichord on which he composed The Magic Flute.



  • August Bebel: a politician and worked as an apprentice in a woodturner's workshop on No. 3 
  • Mozart: The popular composer of classical period used to stay at No. 9 Getreidegasse
  • Adrian Ludwig Richter: painter, stayed on No. 21 Getreidegasse
  • Salome Alt: was a mistress to Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich Raitenau and was documented as owner of a brewery house on No. 33



  • Cafe Getreidegasse
  • Cafe Confectionery Schatz
  • Cafe Mozart
  • Cafe Wurfel Zucke



  • Center-Ferdinand-Hanusch-Platz 
  • Mönchsbergaufzug 
  • Herbert von Karajan-Platz



Getreidegasse Salzburg Salzburg Salzburg Austria 5020
City center: Salzburg
Nearest airport: Salzburg Airport

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Frequently asked Question about Getreidegasse

What are the famous attractions here?
Mozart's Birthplace, Kollegienkirche, Makartsteg, Pferdeschwemme ( Horse Well ) are few of the popular attractions in Getreidegasse.
What time do most shops in Getreidegasse Salzburg close ?
The shops are open from 10.00AM to 6.00PM on Monday to Friday. You may find some open till 8:00PM. On Saturdays they are open from 10.00 AM to 5:00 PM. On Sundays there are very few shops open in Getreidegasse.
Are shops open on Sundays in Getreidegasse ?
Yes but fewer shops are open. You may find 7-11 shops.
Are there any Christmas Market in Getreidegasse ?
The Sternadvent Christmas market is held in the courtyard of the Sternbrau guesthouse in the old town of Salzburg. It is located between the Getreidegasse and the Griesgasse.
Is there any free wifi in Getreidegasse?
Getreidegasse McDonalds provide free wifi.
How to get to Getreidegasse?
The following transit lines pass through Getreidegasse: Bus 063. The closest stations to Getreidegasse are: Straelen Schulzentrum, Straelen Venloer Tor, Straelen, Gelderner Tor, Straelen Friedhof, Straelen Südwall.
Any must try food in Getreidegasse Salzburg?
Hot dogs from the Balkans at Balkan Grill Walter and Ice cream made from sheep’s milk available at Eisl Eis. You can also try traditional dishes like Schwein Haxe with Saurekraut (pork and sour cabbage) and Apfelstrudel (apple strudel).
Is there any parking space near Getreidegasse ?
Altstadtgaragen (Altstadt Garage) in Monchsberg is a parking space near Getreidegasse. Prices are: Up to the third hour: € 0.50; From the fourth hour: Each hour € 3.00; Daily rate € 22.00