National Archaeological Museum

athens, greece


National Archaeological Museum

athens, greece

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The National Archaeological Museum is one of the world's best museums for ancient Greek art with possession of artefacts dating back to 6000 B.C. The variety of artifacts from from prehistory to late antiquity and from various archaeological locations make this museum the greatest in the world. So put on your exploring glasses and checkout Pre-History Collection, the Sculpture Collection, the Vase and Minor Objects Collection and the Metallurgy Collection.
About Contact Location
About Contact Location
event_available When to visit: january - december
access_time Timing:
09:00 - 16:00 : Sunday, Saturday
13:00 - 20:00 : Monday
09:00 - 20:00 : Tuesday - Friday
hourglass_empty Duration: 3 hours
account_balance_wallet Entry Fee: € 10

National Archaeological Museum is one of the popular museums in the world exhibiting large collection of artworks from the various archaeological areas of Greece, covering the whole wide range from prehistoric to late historic periods of history. The building of the museum is built beautifully with Ionian style propylaea (entrance) along the clay statues and the copies of ancient works on the either side.

There are two cafes, one at the atrium and another in the garden in front of the Museum. Athenians usually hang in these cafes during summer.

Highlights of National Archaeological Museum

- The Kore and Kouros: Sculptures of The Kore (young maiden) and Kouros (young male)

- Zeus or Poseidon: bronze statue of Zeus from 460BC, found in a shipwreck off the island of Euboea (Evia)

- Epinetra of Aphrodite: Epinetra crafted from clay or wood, worn as a decoration by female

- The Antikythera Mechanism: a complex system of over 30 mechanical gears around 2000 years old

- The Mask of Agamemnon: one of the most famous gold artefacts of the Greek bronze age

- Tombs of the Kerameikos: Skeleton from460 BC recovered from the ancient cemetery of Kerameikos in central Athens

- The Horse and Jockey: Dates back to 140BC, a life size statue depicting a racing horse from ancient Greece

- The Stele of Hegesso: The grave stele of Hegesso from 410-400 BC, made of Pentelic marble, found in 1870 in the ancient cemetery of the Kerameikos

Full €10, reduced €5

Special ticket package
Full: €15, reduced €8
(Valid for National Archaeological Museum, Byzantine & Christian Museum, Numismatic Museum and Epigraphic Museum)

Free entry to National Archaeological Museum on following days

- 6 March (Memory of Melina Mercouri)
- 18 April (International Monument Day)
- 18 May (International Museum Day)
- 5 June (International Day of Environment)
- the last weekend of September (European Days of Cultural Heritage)
- 28 October (National Holiday)
- the first Sunday of the month for the period between 1 November and 31 March

Getting to National Archaeological Museum

Metro: Viktoria, line 1; Omonoia, lines 1 and 2.


local_phone +30 21 3214 4800
8:26 PM Local Time


44 28is Oktovriou Athina Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon Greece 106 82
City center: Acropolis of Athens
Nearest airport: Athens International Airport

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