Park and National Palace of Pena

lisbon, portugal


Park and National Palace of Pena

lisbon, portugal

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Pena Palace is a fairy like castle which stands at the top of the Sintra Mountains which is about an hour from Lisbon. It is an iconic and must visit site in Lisbon. The romantic feel of its architecture will leave you awe inspiring. It is also one of the UNESCO listed site.
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About Contact Location
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09:30 - 20:00 Everyday
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Pena Palace castle stands on the top of a hill in the Sintra Mountains and has Romanticism style of Architecture. This Palace is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

Pena Palace represents eclectic styles combining the Neo-Gothic, Neo-Manueline, Neo-Islamic and Neo-Renaissance Architecture. With the abundance of Romanticism, Pena Palace sets an exotic ambience for the visitors.

Must See Architectural Highlights of Pena Palace

  • The foundations and its enveloping walls, with two gateways, one of them protected by a drawbridge
  • the restored structure of the old convent, and the clock tower
  • the Arches Yard in front of the chapel, with its wall of Moorish arches
  • the palatial zone and its cylindric bastion, with interiors decorated in the cathédrale style.

The preserved remains of the Hieronymite convent is worth exploring too. Checkout the cloister, the dining room, the sacristy, and the Manueline-Renaissance chapel.

If you want to clear view of the architecture of Pena Palace, move to Queen's Terrace.

The Pena Park

The Pena Park is a lush green forested area around the Pena Palace. The Romanticism in the Palace could be seen in the Park too. 

Trees here includes North American sequoia, Lawson's cypress, magnolia and Western redcedar, Chinese ginkgo, Japanese Cryptomeria, and a wide variety of ferns and tree ferns from Australia and New Zealand. All these trees could be found in Queen's Fern Garden.

How to Reach Pena Palace?

From Lisbon take Bus Number 434. This bus will directly take you to Sintra Town, the Castle of the Moors and then Pena Palace. You will reach Pena Palace in 30 minutes.


local_phone +351 21 923 7300
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Estrada da Pena Sintra Lisboa Portugal 2710-609
City center: Lisbon City Center Baixa
Nearest airport: Lisbon Portela Airport

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