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At Sumner Beach you can Explore the iconic cave rock or relax at the bars at the shore of the beach. Sumner is one of the Surfers' heaven.
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About Contact Location
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Sumner beach is an ideal beach getaway for the people of Christchurch. This beach is laden with caves, one can walk through these caves unless stopped by high tides. Sumner Beach is a 400-metre stretch of white sand offering everything for a classic Kiwi day at the seaside.
The townside of the beach is the best to have some relaxing time with amenities nearby. The Scarborough to the east is best for surfers. The Sumner Promenade beside Cave Rock is the best point to start the exploration here. The promenade is a wide asphalt path on the seaward side of the seawall and there is another path on the land side. This path is usually busy with cyclists, walkers, joggers etc.
Sumner beach houses cafés lining the shore and bars where one can enjoy refreshing beer. It’s the kind of place locals go on a weekend in summer for a coffee, an ice cream or maybe some fish and chips. 


Sumner Beach Canterbury New Zealand 8081
City center: Christchurch
Nearest airport: Christchurch International Airport

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Frequently asked Question about Sumner Beach

How long is the Sumner Promenade?
Sumner Promenade is 1.25 Km long and takes 25 minutes to cover on foot.
How to get to the Cave Rock from the Sumner Beach?
From Sumner head south towards Esplanade, then turn left onto Esplanade. Cave Rock is on the left.
Is there a bus stop close to the Sumner Beach ?
Marriner St near Main Rd is 4 minutes walk from Sumner Beach.
Are dogs allowed on Sumner Beach?
Dogs are allowed in Sumner Beach but they must be on a leash.
Are there any toilet near the Sumner Beach?
Yes, there is a toilet near Sumner Beach located at Scarborough Park.