Tren Soller

mallorca, spain


Tren Soller

mallorca, spain

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Tren Soller is a railway system that runs between the towns of Soller and Palma offering stunning views in the complete journey. The wooden train will take you through the historic routes, viaducts, bridges, and tunnels. Also, have a tram experience from Soller to the port.
About Contact Location
About Contact Location
event_available When to visit: january - december
access_time Timing:
08:00 - 20:30 Everyday
hourglass_empty Duration: 1.5 hours
account_balance_wallet Entry Fee: € 18
info Tips: Detailed Timetable and rates available at

Tren Soller also known as Ferrocarril de Sóller is an interurban railway with wooden trains running between the towns of Sóller and Palma in Mallorca with various stops at smaller towns inbetween. Trn Soller is one of the loved attractions in Mallorca. This train journey takes tourists through stunning scenic views, viaducts, bridges, and 13 tunnels.

Offering view to real Mallorca, Tren Soller leaves from central Palma, just off the Plaza de Espana, making stop at a vantage point for travellers to take the pictures and admire the beautiful views. Not all trains offer such opportunities. You need to refer to the train timetable available at to check the timings of these trains.

The Soller railway also stands out for the special, attractive route it runs along, overcoming the natural barrier of the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain range which is 2.8 km wide and 496 metres high. To do so, in just seven kilometres, the railway rises up 199 metres with an inclination of 23 millimetres, runs through 13 longitudinal tunnels ranging in length from 33 to 2,876 metres, crosses over several bridges, the “cinc-ponts” viaduct which has five arches with spans 8 metres high and a great many bends, some with radii below 190 metres.



The town of Soller offers old town ambience, cafe culture and amzing architecture. People here are the sweetest. Their hospitability will make your day. Not only the pretty landscape but the sweet smell of the orange blossom and the penetrating aroma of the sea will amaze you too.

Here you can also experience a rickety tram to the Port de Soller. It is used both for tourists and for the Sollerics (locals) to enjoy the beautiful route from the center of Sóller to the Port. The tickets for the Tram unlike the ones for the Train are acquired on board unless you have purchased Pack ticket (Train+Tram).


Available offline on the same day of the journey. It is recommended to be in the station between 40 and 60 minuts before the train departure to avoid any issue. At the time you acquire your ticket in the Main Station of Palma you will have to decide at what time you want to come back. Credit nor debit cards are not accepted.

Single tickets from Palma to Soller or vice versa cost €18 (2018), and returns are €25. The return ticket from Palma can be extended with a return ticket on the Sóller tram for an additional 7 Euros.


How to Reach

Closest stops are 668-Camí 140; 608-Camí 140; 200-Camí 140; 775-Camí De Passatemps; 776-Camí De Passatemps.

Metro: Metro - M1
Bus: Bus - 11


local_phone +34 971 75 20 51
4:04 AM Local Time


1 Carrer d'Eusebi Estada Palma Illes Balears Illes Balears Spain 07004
City center: Nord de Palma District
Nearest airport: Palma de Mallorca Airport

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Frequently asked Question about Tren Soller

How much the round trip ticket for Tren Soller cost ?
The one way train ticket from Palma to Soller for an adult is 25 Euro and from Soller to Port de Soller is 7 Euro. So return ticket is 32 + 32 = 64 Euro.
Can I pay by Credit or Debit card for the Tren Soller tickets ?
No. They do not accept credit or debit cards for payments.
How often does the Tren Soller runs ?
Every 60 to 90 minutes. It varies. Refer to the timetable at
Are pets allowed inside the Tren Soller ?
Yes. Pets are allowed inside Tren Soller.
What are the stops for Tren Soller ?
One stop at Bunyola.
How long does the tram take from Soller to Port Soller?
Tram from Soller to Port Soller takes 15 to 20 minutes.
Can the Tren Soller ticket be bought online in advance ?
No. There is no online booking. You can buy them at the ticket office.
Where to catch Tren de Soller?
Palma Railway Station. The station is just off the Plaça de Espanya and borders a large and popular park which lies on top of the underground Estació Intermodal.
Is Tren Soller / Train Soller in operating condition currently ?
Currently train is in operation.