8 hidden gems for Spain offbeat vacation

8 hidden gems for Spain offbeat vacation

Updated 21 Feb, 2020
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Travel to Spain usually revolve around Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and other popular cities, but very few are aware of the Hidden Gems i.e off the beaten paths of Spain.

Read along to find additions for your holiday itinerary for unexplored nightlife, undiscovered heritage and hidden beaches.

Discover the secret travel destinations of Spain which are less crowded, more affordable and will let you come closer to authentic Spain beauty.

GRANADA - experience Flamenco and Free Tapas

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Granada is located in the south-eastern Spain, in the region of Andalusia.

It is popular for its historical monuments, medieval architecture, skiing and trekking in Sierra Nevada as well as student-driven nightlife.

The culture and heritage of Granada brings out the true essence of Spain.

The Travel Secret of Granada: Alhambra hill, Authentic flamenco and Free tapas

ANTEQUERA - will take you back into Spanish history

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Antequera is 5000 years old historical town in southern Spain in the region of Andalusia.

The picture perfect Antequera is a home to burial mounds, Moorish fortress, stunning rock formations, Gothic churches, fountains and baroque bell towers.

Grand mountains here provides a lot of opportunities for trekking up and getting the panoramic view of the beautiful Antequera.

The Travel Secret of Antequera: Trio Burial Mounds of Tholos de El Romeral (Cueva de Romeral or Dolmen de Romeral), Dolmen de Menga and Dolmen de Viera.

These megalithic tombs date back to around 3700 BC and are part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

CUENCA (Spain) - with its cobbled stone old town feel

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Cuenca is a world heritage site built on the steep sides of a mountain.

Lot of travelers are unaware of this beautiful city, but it is a must-visit on your spain vacation.

Hanging Houses, Gothic Towers, ancient ruins, and cobbled stone streets give an old town feel to this city and make it picture worthy.

The Travel Secret of Cuenca: Hanging Houses, these 15th century gravity-defying houses are hanging at the edge of a Gorge.

RONDA - experience the bullfight and deep Gorge

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Being a mountaintop city divided by a deep gorge named El Tajo, Ronda presents an unbelievable view from its Puente Nuevo bridge.

Packed with history, this charming city features Moorish Palaces atop cliffs and modern day bullfighting.

Ronda is an unexplored destination in Spain and a trip here will give you unforgettable memories and photographs.

The Travel Secret of Ronda: Puente Nuevo bridge and the view of El Tajo Gorge.

SEGOVIA - the Spanish fairy world

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Segovia, located in the northwest of Madrid, is a fairytale city in Spain with fantasy world buildings.

It is a home to many Romanesque churches, huge city walls,bordered by serene rivers and fairytale castles.

You will need some serious waking up to get back to reality after visiting Segovia.

The Travel Secret of Segovia: Alcazar Castle, an inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella Castle

CABO DE GATA - serene and secret beaches of Spain

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Cabo de Gata is a wild and isolated landscape with oldest geological formations, unspoiled crystal-clear water, and uncrowded sandy beaches.

This is the only region in Europe with hot desert climate, and will add a zing to your travel itinerary.

Cabo de Gata is a place where you can put on your exploration hat and look for some unexplored secret beaches of Spain.

The Travel Secret of Cabo de Gata: Unexplored crystal clear Beaches

GUADIX - watch snowy mountain from cave houses

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Guadix is a land of cave houses carved out of rocks by humans. Guadix is located approx 50 km from Granada, on the foothills of Sierra Nevada in Spain.

Snow covered peak of Sierra Nevada is a constant view in this town. Setting foot into Gaudix is like going back to the old world through time machine.

The contrast of white doors and walls against the yellowish cave houses is a must-see experience on your next off-the beaten trip to Spain.

The Travel Secret of Guadix: Cave Houses from 18th Century

JUZCAR - Smurfs village of Spain

location_on Júzcar
Smurfs Village Blue houses in Juzcar, Spain
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Juzcar is one of the White Villages of Andalusia, with buildings traditionally whitewashed.

Since 2011, it is popularly known as the Village of the Smurfs, as it was painted smurf-blue by Sony España to celebrate the premiere of the Smurfs movie.

Since then it has been a tourist attraction and one of the secret places not many tourists know about. Well, you know it now, so visit Juzgar on your next Spainish holiday

The Travel Secret of Juzcar: Smurf-Blue village setup