Top 10 beautiful and offbeat destinations of Georgia, Europe

Top 10 beautiful and offbeat destinations of Georgia, Europe

Updated 26 May, 2020
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Georgia has some of the best and most beautiful countryside towns in the whole of Europe for travelling. Not only do the towns in Georgia have a unique architecture of the medieval period, the towns have more to offer in the form of nature, valleys, good food, fantastic wine and some of the world's oldest languages.

There is no doubt that the country attracts a large number of tourists every year. Find answers to which are the best offbeat, romantic and outdoor travel Georgian towns and villages.

Batumi - best family holiday place in Georgia

location_on Batumi
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Batumi is a coastal town in Georgia located at its southwestern side with the Black Sea on its coast. It is a great destination for family and children vacation.

Top things to do in Batumi is to experience

  • Batumi Botanical Garden and its exotic flora
  • Gonio Fortress, Roman ruins of an ancient fortress
  • Europe Square, a plaza with famous monuments
  • Alphabetic Tower, a 130 m high landmark
  • Batumi Boulevard that encompasses a waterfront promenade
  • Aqua Park Batumi, a water park for children
  • Adjara Art Museum, Argo Cable Car, Batumi Mosque

You can also try the iconic local Georgian food like Chacha, Lobiani, Kharcho, Lobio, Chakapuli, Khinkali, and Georgian Wine in Batumi.

Batumi is also nicknamed as ‘Pearl of the Black Sea’ and is the capital of the autonomous Republic of Adjara and the second largest and second most populous town of Georgia. It was a small fortified town in the medieval kingdom of Georgia.

Hotel prices in Batumi for a 5 star hotel is around 140 dollars or 120 euros, and a 3 star hotel is 42 dollars or 38 euros.

Best time to visit Batumi is in May, June and September, which is during the start and end of the summer, when the temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius or 70 degree Fahrenheit.

Kvareli - most affordable and wine lover's paradise in Georgia

location_on Kvareli
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Kvareli , the birthplace of the great Georgian author, IIia Chavchavadze, is a countryside town in Georgia located at the northeastern Kakheti province, Georgia. A tourist can spend a good time here in a very limited budget.

Top things to do in Kavareli is to experience the

  • Nekresi, a monastery and a historical place
  • Ilia Lake, a beautiful lake with a scenic view
  • Ilia Chavchavadze Kvareli state museum
  • Kote Marjanishvili House Museum

Travellers must try the famous wines at various Vineyards and winery shops here like Kindzmarauli Corporation, Khareba Winery, Friend’s Cellar, and much more. The wine tasting tours in Kvareli starts at around 20 Euro. Its Kindzmarauli wine is famous all around Georgia.

Located in Alazani Valley, near the foothills of the Greater Caucasus mountains, the town is very scenic and beautiful that attracts a large number of visitors.

Hotel Price in Kvareli is just 30 USD or 25 Euro

Best time to visit Kvareli is around May, June or September, which is during the start and end of the summer, when the temperature is around 25 degree Celsius or 75 degree Fahrenheit.

Omalo - perfect nature lover destination in Georgia

location_on Omalo
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Omalo is a part of Akhmeta district of Kakheti in Georgia and is a great place to travel for its majestic mountains and nature wonders. Omalo is the perfect place to start a hiking tour in Caucasus mountains.

Top things to do in Omalo, the perfect countryside Georgian village, is to experience

  • The Keseleo, a historic castle
  • Tusheti, a natural reserve with many trails
  • Oreti Lake, a very beautiful lake

The village is generally isolated from the other parts of Georgia because of the absence of well maintained roads and high altitude of the place. The only access to Omalo is through the Abano pass at 2850 meters above the sea level. Omalo is also known for the fortress tower of Keseleo ,that used to serve as a refuge for locals during the wartime.

Omalo is a countryside village, located in the historical region of Tusheti at northeastern part of Georgia. The village lies in between the greater Caucasus mountains and Pirikita range of Tusheti.

Hotel Price in Omalo is 30 US Dollar or 25 Euro.

Best time to visit Omalo is from May to October when the weather is pleasant and warm and rain is limited.

Sighnaghi - most romantic place in Georgia

location_on Sighnaghi
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Sighnaghi is one of the smallest and most romantic towns in Georgia, but the town serves as a major tourist destination for Georgian countryside vacation, and can easily be explored in a small budget.

Top things to do in Sighnaghi is to experience

  • Bodbe Monastery, a Georgian orthodox monastic complex and just 2 km away from the city
  • Sighnaghi wall, a restored wall and fortress, for amazing sunset views of greater Caucasus mountains
  • Kakhetian Wine tasting tours

Sighnaghi is also known as the Georgia’s Wine Region, and some of the famous Vineyards for Wine tasting tours are pheasant’s Tears Winery, Cradle of Wine Marani, JSC Cradle of wine, and Nika winery. Don't forget to purchase some classic Georgian wine from these vineyards.

When you are feeling hungry, treat yourself with local food of Shotis Puri and try great Kakhetian food in Sighnaghi restaurants - Nikala, Pancho Villa. Sighnaghi is in Kakheti region in the easternmost side Georgia, and is also known by the name 'Signagi'.

Hotel Price in Sighnaghi is just around 20 US Dollar or 15 Euro.

Best time to visit Sighnaghi is from May to September when the temperature is average around 20 degree Celsius or 65 degree Fahrenheit.

Telavi - best town to meet friendly locals in Georgia

location_on Telavi
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Telavi is a famous destination in Georgia because of its beauty, historic mountains and hospitality. Locals in Telavi are very kind, and hospitable and you will have a great time travelling here.

Top things to do in Telavi is to exeprience

  • Iconic monasteries of Georgia like Akhali Shuamta Monastery, Dzveli Shuamta Monastery and Ikalto Monastery.
  • Vineyards, wines shops like Telavi Wine Cellar that also offers wine tasting, Teliani Valley, Vaziani Winery ltd, Shalauri Wine Cellar and many more.
  • Giant Plane Tree is the biggest tree in Georgia and is 900 years old, and is one of the top things to do in Telavi
  • Visit Nadikvari park and Castle of the King Erekle ii Telavi.

Telavi is in the Kakheti province and located on the foothills of the Tsiv-Gombori range, borders the Alazani Valley and is 500-800 m above sea level. The city is connected to Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi by two highways.

Hotel price in Telavi is around 25 US Dollar or 20 Euro.

Best time to visit Telavi is from April to May or from September to October when the temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius or 70 degree Fahrenheit.

Chiatura - the forgotten and quirky town of Georgia

location_on Chiatura
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Chiatura, a beautiful city with a country feel, is located on a mountain valley and is situated on the bank of river Qvirila, it is one of the most unconventional and forgotten places you will see in Georgia.

Top things to do in Chiatura is to experience

  • Ride the quirky cable cars
  • Katskhi Pillar - a rocky pillar with monastery and a church on its top
  • Monastery Mgvimevi, and its very unique architecture.

Just because of its geographical features, Chiatura contains a huge network of crazy, quirky and rusty cable cars that were introduced in the park in 1954 and is an important transport system and a major tourist attraction even now. Cable car is the best way to get around the town and the ride also gives a scenic and beautiful view of the Chiatura mountain valley.

Chiatura is in the western Georgia located at Imereti region. Visiting this old city, while riding the old cable cars gives a very historic feeling.

Hotel price in Chiatura is 20 US Dollar or 25 Euro.

Best time to visit Chiatura is from May to September, when the temperature is around 30 degree Celsius or 85 degree Fahrenheit.

Svaneti - best adventure, hiking and trekking destination of Georgia

location_on Mestia
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Home to the fiery and chivalric swans, Svaneti or Svanetia is a beautiful, mysterious and wild countryside region in the northwestern border of Georgia sharing its border with Russia.

This adventure destination of Georgia and is characterised by snow capped peaks and deep gorges. Svaneti offers tourists a number of hiking options around Chalaadi glacier, Koruldi Lakes and a lot of skiing opportunities on peaks at 4000 meters in height.

Top things to do in Svaneti is to experience

  • Dadiani Palace in Zugdidi
  • Enguri Dam in Jvari, world’s second highest concrete arch dam
  • Museum of History and Ethnography in Mestia.
  • Ushguli village around Enguri gorge is a nature's paradise, and is famous for King Tamar’s Tower, Shkhara Valley.
  • Becho Village and Mazeri Waterfall are a must-visit in Svaneti.

Svaneti is situated besides the greater Caucasus mountain ranges. The capital of the region are Mestia and Lentekhi. The best way to explore Svaneti is through road trips arranged by many tour operators. It is so remote that it could never be tamed by any ruler.

Hotel price in Svaneti is around 25 US Dollars or 20 Euro.

Best time to visit Svaneti is from July to August. Ski season is from mid December to mid May and Hiking season is from June to October. The place receives heavy rain and snowfall all around the year.

Mtskheta - the religious and historic capital of Georgia

location_on Mtskheta
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Mtskheta is one of the oldest city in Georgia and is at meeting point of two rivers, Mtkvari and Aragvi.

Mtskheta is famous all over the Georgia for its monasteries and architecture. This amazing city is sure to fall in love with its architecture, its landscape and its food.

Top things to do in Mtskheta is to experience

  • Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, an eastern orthodox cathedral and a UNESCO world heritage site
  • Samtavro Monastery with a fortresslike architecture
  • Jvari - a 6th centure mountain top monastery
  • Shio-Mgvime Monastery and Zedazeni Monastery
  • Fortress Beberi or Bebris Tsikhe - a historic castle
  • Pompeus Bridge and Samtavro Cemetery

Mtskheta also offers some finest local food including Chacha, Shotis Puri, Khinkali, Khachapuri, Churchkhela, Lavash, Kubdari (Georgian Bread) and amazing Georgian Wine.

Hotel price in Mtskheta is around 20 US Dollars or 15 Euro.

Best time to visit the Mtskheta is from mid April to June or during September and October, when the temperature is average around 25 degree Celsius or 75 degree Fahrenheit.

Abkhazia - most beautiful, yet controversial region of Georgia

location_on Sokhumi
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Abkhazia is a beautiful, yet disputed territory located in the northwestern side of Georgia, located south to the Greater Caucasus Mountains and is on the east border of the Black Sea.

Top things to do in Abkhazia is to experience

  • Iverian Mountains and its Monasteries
  • New Athos Cave, one of the world's largest ancient cave
  • Dolmens of North Caucasus, a pre-historical place with unique stone architecture and labyrinths
  • Dombay Ulgan and Avadhara area, which has many mountains, rivers and you can also see European bison here
  • Anaklia Beach resort destination

The capital of Abkhazia is Sukhumi. Abkhazia has a subtropical climate, and in a small area tourists can find snow covered mountains meeting the caves, beaches and lakes.

Caution while visiting Abkhazia: Although the place offers a major traveling goal, yet you should be careful here as the place once was a terrorist spot and there are mines that are said to be unexploded.

Hotel price in Abkhazia is around 55 US Dollar or 50 Euro.

Best time to visit Abkhazia is from May to September, when the temperature is normal here at around 20 degrees Celsius or 70 degree Fahrenheit.

Poti - best beach destination in Georgia

location_on Poti
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Poti is a port city on the eastern coast of the Black Sea at the mouth of the Rioni river in Samegrelo-Zemo, Georgia. It is a great destination of nature lovers and you will fall in love with its majestic views.

Top things to do in Poti is to experience

  • Lake Paliastomi, Okros Tba Lake, Grigoleti Lake,
  • Grigoleti beach with a dark sand stretch
  • Poti Lighthouse, for its spectacular city views
  • Poti Cathedral, an imitation of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
  • Poti Tower, for its historic french clock in working condition

Some of the best restaurants in Poti are Aragvi, Kalakuri Mingrelian Restaurant, Wine House, Beer House BH and Ukrainka.

Hotel price in Poti is around 40 US Dollars or 35 Euro.

Best time to visit Poti is from May to July, when the temperature is average around 20 degree Celsius or 70 degree Fahrenheit, and Rainfall happens round the year.