5 Top Free Things to do in Amsterdam on your next vacation

5 Top Free Things to do in Amsterdam on your next vacation

Updated 21 Feb, 2020
location_on Amsterdam

To awaken in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world. To awaken in Amsterdam, well, nothing can describe that sensation. -Anonymous.

Budget holidays are essential cogs in the ever-spinning wheel of human life. As humans, we constantly crave for something new and cost effective. We want to escape the rut of constant familiarity. Visiting cheap vacation spot often become a priority for anyone seeking to change his or her immediate environment.

Amsterdam is one such place that will leave you gob-smacked and teary-eyed. With its sublime sights, surreal scents, captivating cultures, transforming tastes, wealthy weather and priceless people, The Dutch capital is easily one of the most ethereal places in the world to visit.

As everyone knows, visiting Europe isn’t entirely cheap. Expense and cost is a facet that crosses the mind of every traveller in one way or the other.

But who says you need money to have a great time? Who says “If you don’t have the money to dish out, there’s absolutely no way to have a ball?”. The Answer: No one.

To have the idea that you need to spend extravagantly to secure your happiness in a foreign country is complete balderdash. Read now to find top 5 budget holiday things to engage in whilst in Amsterdam that will leave your heart breathless and your mind bursting with imagination.

VONDELPARK - best among all Amsterdam parks

location_on Vondelpark
Holland Houses and canal around Vondelpark in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Combine peace of mind, fresh air, beautiful flora, the warmth of nature’s smile and beautiful people and voila! You have Amsterdam’s Vondelpark.

Named after the Dutch poet Joost van den Vondel, the park opened to the public in 1865 and in 1996 was declared a Rijksmomument (A National Monument).

With an impressive covering of 470,000 square metres and a generous collection of trees, flowers, rose bushes, fish ponds, playgrounds, etc, the park is one of the most illustrious attractions in the city of Amsterdam.

And you know what else makes this Vondelpark a delight? It is completely free! That’s right. It supports the ideas of budget holidays. The park is open to anyone and everyone for no charge whatsoever. A true delight for one and all.

A Ferry down the Heart of Amsterdam’s Eye (IJ)

location_on IJ
IJ river city view in Amsterdam, Netherland
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The River IJ (pronounced as ei) is one of the many free attractions that constitute the beating heart of Amsterdam, and will provide you an instant feel during your holiday in Netherlands.

Amsterdam is littered with an intricate number of canal systems and if you want to have a completely different view of the Netherland's capital city then the ferry ride is something you must indulge in.

Amsterdam ferry service ( Line 901 to Buiksloterweg & Line 907 to Amsterdam Centraal) is free to ride and these blue and white ferries runs every few mins, 24 hours a day.

From breathing the sublime air of the city’s heart to slowing down time and just enjoying the moment to even basking in the splendor that the Dutch landscape and architecture provides, the IJ ferry ride is a conglomeration of all things bright and wonderful.

Bloemenmarkt - the floating flower market of Amsterdam

location_on Bloemenmarkt
Floating flower shops of Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam’s Bloemenmarkt is the manifestation of the phrase, “beauty in utter abundance”.

The market which has breathed for almost 160 years is a tourist attraction like no other. There’s absolutely no charge to wander past the idyllic stalls of the city’s floating flower market which extends along the southern bank of the Singel canal. The beautiful sights, a pristine smell and view of the river is a happy overdose of Holland's experience.

The market is one of the main suppliers of flowers to central Amsterdam, and with a wide variety of tulips, narcissus, snowdrops, carnations, roses, violets, peonies, orchids, and many other flowers, the Bloemenmarkt is truly the quintessence of a ‘market in bloom’; almost like Mother Nature’s backyard. Add it to your free things to do o your next trip to Amsterdam.

Bridge of 15 Bridges

location_on Thorbeckeplein
night view of Bridge of 15 Bridges in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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A bridge is a connection, and if you want to feel a connection in the beautiful city of Amsterdam (for free!), then there is one bridge you need to stand on. In Amsterdam’s central canal belt, there is one bridge that gives a breathtaking view of no less than 15 bridges! Brug van 15 bruggen is what it is called in Amsterdam.

This very unusual and eye clutching sight is both unexpected and surreal in ways you can’t possibly imagine. Find your way to a place in Amsterdam called the Thorbeckplain, and then walk straight ahead to the intersection of Reguliersgracht and Herengracht

The bridge you are standing on is the 1st one. You will see 6 arched bridges in a line, with your back facing towards the Thorbeckplain. To your left, you will see 6 more bridges and to the right, you will see the other 2. This sight is an architectural wonder, and at night, when the lights are lit, this criss-cross of bridges serves as one of the most beautiful views in all of Amsterdam.

Tip: All bridges are visible only from a specific angle, so don't be disappointed of you are not able to count all, but still the view is totally worth it during the night.

The Gassan Diamonds

location_on Gassan Diamonds
The Gassan Diamonds store in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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“Beautiful like Diamonds in the Sky”. That’s essentially all you need to know about the Gassan Family Factory and its tradition of diamond cutting. This budget travel across the Amsterdam diamond company shows you the brilliance of diamonds in all its majesty.

Saturated in history (a history that has been aging for the past 400 years), you get to watch diamond cutters cut, process and polish huge chunks of Diamonds; turning pure, rough diamonds into exquisitely polished stones. A tour through the Gassan Diamond factory will literally put the sparkle in your imagination.

Amsterdam bridge during night, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a wonderful place, teeming with history, bursting with architectural splendor and seeping with vast fills of beauty and peace. An exquisite place to travel and a unique adventure to have, Amsterdam is certainly a top travel destination to peruse. The question of budget holidays and cost should not be a deterring factor when it comes to experiencing the sights of Amsterdam.

With more than 70 free sights and locations to indulge in, the city is definitely one wherein you can have a sublime time for little or no cost. Till we meet in Amsterdam, Afscheid Vrienden!