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Coricancha or Qorikancha was the most sacred site, the most important temple of the Inca Empire. This temple had enclosures made of gold due to which this Temple is also referred as the "Temple of Sun". Later stripped of its gold and decorations by Spanish army, the ruins of this temple still shows signs of its grandeur. The walk to this temple and exploration would be interesting for sure.
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About Contact Location
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Qorikancha or Coricancha, popular as the Temple of Sun, was the most important temple in the Inca Empire. This temple was destroyed by the Spanish and on its ruins the Church Santo Domingo was built. Coricancha was the most sacred temple of all the Incas.

There were four temples surrounding a central plaza: one dedicated to Inti (the sun), Killa (the moon), Chasca (the stars) and Illapa (the thunder or rainbow).


Attractions in Coricancha

The Temple of the Sun
More than half of the complex was occupied by the Temple of the Sun, being the most important temple of all. It was covered in gold traces of which can still be seen in the ruins.

The Temple of the Moon
The Moon used to be considered as the Wife of the Sun. The temple was lined with silver and had decirations representing the Moon. This temple was also destroyed to build the Spanish church.

The Temple of Venus and the Stars
The stars were the daughters of the Inca, and servants to the moon. The Temple of the Stars was used for festivals, ceremonies and sacrifices.

Rainbow temple
The Inca believed that rainbows were produced by the sun and used to worship rainbows as well.

How to get to Coricancha ?

City Tour: Costs approx 57 Soles per person, this option covers visits to the other archaeological sites of the city: the Cathedral, the Plaza de Armas, Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, Tambomachay and Puca Pucara.

Tourist Ticket: Allows entry to the popular attractions. Coricancha is included.

Direct entry to Coricancha: The cost of the direct entry ticket to the Coricancha is 15 soles.

Coricancha is located along Cusco’s main street, Avenida El Sol, not far from the main square. From the Main Square of the Cusco you should take the El Sol avenue and walk 400 meters until you reach the archaeological site by Santo Domingo street. 


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City center: Plaza De Armas
Nearest airport: Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport

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