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Cusco is a popular for its archaeological ruins and Spanish architecture. Cusco is located in the Peruvian Andes and offers historical sites not only in the city but in the many popular nearby areas too such as Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley. Cusco is a living heaven for history enthusiasts, adventure seekers and archaeology lovers alike. Explore cathedrals, vibrant streets, and markets as well as go for day trips around the Cusco city.
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Tambomachay also popular as Baños del Inca means "Guesthouse Caves" in english. Some say it is a shrine to water which was worshipped in Incan era and some say it was used as a military outpost. The trickling water, canals and caves has a sooting impact in your spirit.
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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a must when you are visiting Peru. This 4 KM trail is world framous presenting many archeological sites on its way, the most popular one being Machu Picchu ruins. This is the most interesting way you can explore area around Cusco and the ruins.
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Moray is one of the off the beatedn attraction near Cusco, Peru. It cosist of amphitheatre like terraced levels concluded to be used as agricultural lab in the Inca Empire. The temperature difference between the top and bottom level intrigue the visitors to this site. An interesting visit it is !!
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Sacred Valley
Sacred Valley is a popular tourist destination near Cusco which is not only famous for hiking/trekking or its ruins but also known for offering panoramic view of the valley to its visitors. Well slightly offbeat but adventure enthusiasts can try paragliding or rafting here. Well, Sacred Valley is a complete package of nature, thrill and history.
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Humantay Lake
The galacial lake in Humantay lake, Laguga Humantay is the crystal clear water body which is popular not just for its natural beauty and surroundings but also for the trek till Humantay Lake. The one day trip from Cusco to Humantay is highly advisable.
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Sacsayhuaman is mostly popular for its dry stone walls. People say that these stones are stacked together without any mortar in such a way that it is difficult to pass a thread in between them . You can also enjoy a view from the top of Sacsayhuaman.
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Coricancha or Qorikancha was the most sacred site, the most important temple of the Inca Empire. This temple had enclosures made of gold due to which this Temple is also referred as the "Temple of Sun". Later stripped of its gold and decorations by Spanish army, the ruins of this temple still shows signs of its grandeur. The walk to this temple and exploration would be interesting for sure.
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Plaza de Armas cusco
Plaza de Armas Cusco is the main market and centre of all important activities going in Cusco.This vibrant neighborhood boasts of stone pathways, colorful gardens and many popular attractions of Cusco. Do explore Peru cuisines here and do not miss to explore the nightlife.
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Cerro Colorado Vinicunca
Cerro Colorado Vinicunca or Winikunka, the rainbow mountain will bring glitter in your eyes in first sight. The journey to reach this mountain is full of adventure and thrill although at times it gets tiring but it is worth the pain. Explore these mountains in the dry months between May and September to have the best experience.
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