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Beaches and Nightlife ! Full of adventure and fun, this Phuket is Thailand's lagest island. Explore island hopping, culture and food here.
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Experiences Spells
Similan Islands
Similan Islands is covered with forest and surrounded by sea and huge boulders. This island is worth the visit when in Phuket.
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Night Markets Phuket
Come to Night Markets of Phuket to grab some sweet bargains and unique souvenirs. There are plenty of such markets in Phuket which deserves your visit.
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Phuket Fanta Sea Show
Phuket Fanta Sea Show is an ensemble of stage shows, shopping assortments, carnival games, elephant rides, and restaurants. Do come here to experience the grandness and fun.
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Old Phuket Town
At Old Phuket Town checkout the temples, cafes, printing shops, museums of Phuket. Explore house of wealthy Thai family, visit various interesting markets and few shrines.
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Simon Cabaret Show
Simon Cabaret Show is a Grand Ladyboy Cabaret live show in Phuket worth witnessing for some real entertainment.
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Beach Clubs Phuket
Beach clubs in Phuket are famous for their nightlife and parties. If you are with friends or your lover, you must experience the beach clubs especially at night. Also try out delicious and sumptuous of food offered by these clubs.
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Big Buddha Phuket
Big Buddha is the most important landmark of Phuket, and is also an observation deck to have a panoramic view of Phuket. Come here for some quiet time out of the busy or chaotic day.
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Island Hopping Phuket
Island Hopping from Phuket is the best way to explore the nearby Islands. Hop from one island to another, experience multiple beaches in a day. There are various cruises who organize such tours. They also provide opportunities for water sports such as snorkeling and kayaking.
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Phang Nga Bay
Phang Nga Bay is one of the popular beaches in Thailand. Beautiful limestone cliffs to view and beaches are receipe for a wonderful vacation. Phang Nga Bay beaches also has James Bond Island, which appeared in a James Bond movie 'The Man With the Golden Gun' .
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Bangla Road Nightlife
Bangla Road's nightlife is defined by economical food and drink, loud music and highly energetic crowd. Apart from fun nights, discos, live music and cheap beer, you can also witness street performances here.
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