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There is much more to Berlin than just Berlin Wall. Berlin, the capital of Germany , is packed with culture, interesting architecture, iconic squares, night parties and street arts. The laidback lifestyle imbibes the feel of international village in Berlin. Buzzing with clubs and bars at night, Berlin is a city which never sleeps. Few iconic attractions here are Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, Alexanderplatz, Museum Islands and Wall Graffiti of East Side Gallery.
Experiences Spells
Experiences Spells
Berlin Wall Memorial
Berlin Wall Memorial, located in Bernauer Straße, is a memorial site which commemorates the division of Berlin and stands as a symbol of unification. These ancient ruins are interesting to watch as they are restored and some portion of the wall is covered with funky graffitis.
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Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate is a monumental landmark in Berlin signifying peace and unity. The Quadriga/Statue portrays goddess of Peace. This landmark along with the nearby square Praiser Platz attracts a lot of visitors.
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Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe , also known as Holocaust Memorial is located near the Brandenburg Gate. This is a one of a kind memorial housing 2711 concrete slabs in memory of the Jewish victims. The most interesting part of this place is its architectural layout which is still open to interpretation. Some relate it to randomness and chaos, some see these slabs as cemetry tombs.
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East Side Gallery
East Side Gallery is an East Side Gallery in Berlin and consist of mural covered portion of Berlin Wall, painted by artists from aroun the world. East Side Gallery is the longest lasting open air gallery in the world. Do attend the free guided tours on Saturdays to hear the stories about the Wall.
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Zoo Berlin
Berlin Zoo, known as Berlin Zoologischer Garten in German, is the most popular zoo in Europe recording highest footfall year on year. This zoo specializes in conducting animal feeding shows where tourists can feed wolves, Gorillas, chimpanzees, seals and others. It is a must visit attraction for family and kids.
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Reichstag Building
Reichstag Building is located near the Brandenburg Gate and is a beautiful architectural sight in Berlin. Reichstag Building is a meeting place for the German parliament. The highlight of Reichstag Building is its glass dome on the roof frommwhere tourists can get 360 degree view of Berlin. Reflection of light from dome to the floor is worth experiencing too.
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Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie was a former crossing point between East and West Berlin created during cold war. After reunification of Germany, Checkpoint Charlie evolved into a tourist attraction, with two officials guarding the post. There is a nearby cafe where you can grab some food while enjoying the energy around Checkpoint Charlie.
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Berliner Fernsehturm
Berliner Fernsehturm or Berlin Television Tower, is notjust a TV Tower, but it is also an observation deck providing 360 degree view of the Berlin city. Berlin TV Tower is the highest building in the city.This landmark TV Towers located on Alexanderplatz is a must see attraction in Berlin.
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Unter den Linden
Unter den Linden stretches from the Schlossbrücke to the Brandenburg Gate, linden trees planted along the route on both side of the road makes a wonderful walk. The streets of Unter den Linden is at the heart of historic centre and connects many popular sights and attractions in Berlin.
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Alexanderplatz is a transport hub and a best known square in Berlin. Most of the time you just spend your time walking and exploring it. There are shopping stores, gfood centres, attractions such as fountains and towers as well as many events to explore.
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